Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Wonders

Winter Wonderland.  It started snowing on Saturday and hasn't really stopped.  We did a little shopping on Saturday and today Willa and I went on a play date to Barnes & Noble and then to the play place at McDonald's.  We had to leave B&N because we couldn't keep track of the little rugrats and there were too many people for them to run into.  Mickey D's though was having a birthday and the play place is really for those 3 & up.  Milo was all for trying to get in the mix but Willa only ventured into safe areas.  She about got ran over once, but she wasn't scared or anything.  I did discover they have really good hot chocolate.  Yummy!

Other than that we didn't do much this weekend.  We are trying a new technique at dinner time for our little big girl.  We took her tray off the high chair so she can be up close to the table.  It did stop her from throwing her food all over so maybe we are on the right track.  We also discovered if we let her stay up until she is exhausted she will fall asleep in her bed and sleep in in the morning.

We didn't quite follow the meal plan I had all laid out last week, but we did pretty good with dinner anyway.  B finally got us some groceries so now we have more options. 

Forewarning:  I refuse to talk about potty training on facebook, but it is possible I will bring it up here.  That is what you get for reading the blog.  We are attempting potty training because I don't think she is ready but I did buy the seat thingy to get her used to it.  It seems like the whole world is potty training right now so I guess it is on the brain.

To all of you east of Montana, enjoy the snow headed your way.