Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekned Wrap

B arrived home only to find the anxiously awaiting Chickie fast asleep in her bean bag.  She had been waiting at the door and then laid down and was out.  I woke her back up and she was in such a daze she wanted nothing to do with anybody.  She finally realized what was going on and perked right up chit chatting about him going on a plane.

We spent Sunday morning cleaning up the yard and raking the leaves around the lily bed.  I have no idea what to do with them but I am pretty sure they need some TLC.  They are blooming but might need some dirt.  I then got to spend the afternoon with an old friend from UGF, catching up and checking out her awesome sewing room.  She is going to quilt the tumbler quilt for me.  It made want to come home and craft.  So I made Willa a Perry the Platypus pillowcase and like the shirts she doesn't want anything to do with them.  Even more sad is the fact that it is probably the best pillowcase I have made so far.  It fit the pillow just right.

I am a little worn out this weekend and will probably stay tired since I will be driving back and forth from Stanford for a few days.  I get to work with some peeps from the Missoula crew so it should be a pretty good week.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Randoms

So Willa scared the Bejeezus out of the director at daycare the other day.  She went down the slide and then was crying at the bottom.  They ran over and asked her what was and she was crying, "I broke my leg, I broke my leg."  The start checking her out only to realize she ripped a whole in her leggings.  She is pretty ticked about it too, because she likes to match and the dress and leggings were a set. *

Like her Aunt Rue, she has a tendency to get bloody noses if she bonks it.  A block tower fell on her today and her teacher said she wasn't even phased by it and the blood stopped quickly.  She actually even told the teacher to "shake it off."

Her and I had to go get more feeder fish for the turtle the other day and she bee-lined it for the snake tanks.  Again she protested that we NEED a snake, that he was hungry.  Needless to say, she still only has a turtle.

On the way to drop her off this morning she told me that she would go to work and I should go to school.  I was tempted to take her up on the offer.

Operation Wear the Platypus Shirt is still underway.  She will hold it up and GRRR like Perry but does not want to wear it.

Solo parenting is almost over!!!!

*No Mimi and Aunt Rue, she does not need you to buy a replacement

Friday, April 20, 2012


On the snow day, I let the dogs back in and she told them they were cold and wet.  She went and got towels to wrap them in.

Now instead of just "Thanks" I get "Thank you, thank you so much."  I also got a "Don't worry, I got it." after I dropped something in the kitchen.

After finding $20 in a jacket pocket, I dropped a large glass pitcher in Shopko shattering it and cutting my fingers.

I learned you can't sit your strawberries next to your bananas.  Mold results.

I sang karaoke several times and was NOT the worst one.  & had a good time.

I went to a movie by myself for the 3rd time and this time it was not an action hero movie.  BTW, while the Hunger Games movie lacked depth of relationships it made up for in eye candy.  Blimey.  Add in Lenny Kravitz (who rocked), Woody Harrelson (made for the part) and Donald Sutherland (was not expecting him at all) and I enjoyed my afternoon.

Willa has quite the opinion on her wardrobe and honestly it exasperates me in the morning because it takes forever for her to decide what to wear and I only give her 2 choices.

We bought her some Perry the Platypus shirts and they arrived the other day.  I can't get her to wear them.  B suggested I put on his shirt to see if she would like to match.  I did that this morning and she laughed for a while and then in her stern voice told me, "That's Dad's, take it off!"

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Under the Big Top

As the first day of solo parenting was underway, I decided Willa and I would go to the Shrine Circus.  We tried going last year and she lasted a whole 20 minutes into the show.  My office sponsored the circus so we had free tickets and I figured well if she doesn't last at least we aren't buying tickets.  I talked it up all morning and she was excited to go until it was time to get dressed.  Then a meltdown ensued.  But we made it out the door and to the show in time to grab a popcorn.  She also chatted with the clowns on our way in.

I wasn't thinking properly as I was searching for seats, as I just wanted to have some space.  Going to the 11 o'clock show was a good idea since there wasn't too many people, but I picked a seat farthest from the restrooms.  Add into the fact they have a big "sink" like the one the found in the PV Ag shop and the child had to take multiple trips.  The intermission was a pain because they bring out the ponies and elephants for rides.  I bribed Willa with cotton candy and we stayed in our seats.  She started to get antsy during the second half I was sure we would be leaving.  Luckily the elephants finally came back out and the show was over.  We headed to the car and were half way there when I realized we had dropped her coat.  Thankfully, it was right where we were sitting.

We made a quick stop at the dollar tree to pick up the kid some more puzzles and a bin for all her chalk and bubbles.   The girl is flying the puzzles and we can't keep up.  I am going to ration out the 5 we bought yesterday in hopes it will slow down the boredom.

Her recent new phrases....."I don't understand what you saying."  Usually when we say something she doesn't want to hear.  "I love Orbit, he's so cute!"  "I love baseball."  & "Perry the PLATYPUS!"  She has been on a Phineas and Ferb kick.

I don't think many people at the office had to work this weekend.  I spent most of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday begging for things to do.  I did most of the extensions we are filing and updating our access file.  It's been such a mellow tax season that we can hardly believe it.

Our tax party is on Thursday and I got my babysitter all lined out.  Friday is our day off and other than going to watch The Hunger Games, I am not sure what I am going to do.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pretty Dresses

Whoever bet that our dinosaur, dragon, snake, and alligator-loving little girl would make a compete 180 flip to wearing "pretty dresses" everyday is a winner.  I have been transitioning some of her clothes for the summer and for size and looked at her jeans/pants drawer and thought wow, we have this covered.  Famous last words, right?  Thankfully, she got three new dresses in the mail the other day so now she has 5.

Fortunately, my co-workers daughters (she has four thus far, she is an expert) coached me that I needed to invest in some leggings as they are far superior than tights.   As I rarely wear a dress or skirt this has turned into some of the best advise ever received.  B even joked that Willa has worn more dresses in the last week than I have in a year.  I counted and he was correct.

We have been in the "terrible two's" for a little while now, but a change up in the nighttime routine and curbed some of those battles.  Except last night when she went for round 2 and round 3, each time making me think it was safe to go to bed.

A few weeks ago I watched a webinar from Positive Parenting about No-yelling parenting.  It has changed me, for the better!  Some things I already knew, but some of the tips and tricks she gave are so helpful and have worked.  I am not perfect by any means, but she said the goal is to have to think hard about the last time you had to raise your voice.  I have slipped, because man she can flip a switch faster than we can blink sometimes.  We have gotten so much better at recognizing her testing points and trying to avoid them and like most Moylan's I know if she is tired or hungry, she is going to be a grouch.  Fair enough, at least I am prepared.

I promised not to talk about this subject but I am hoping if I mention it, there will be an improvement.  Potty training is about 80-20 right now, her call depending on the day.  She doesn't want to miss anything (um, wonder where she gets that), so we never know how the day is going to go.  But if we are out and about, she does pretty good.  So we know its a "choice" on her part some days and that part is hard to swallow, because she is very smart and we know she can do it.  I know this is pretty typical, but man it's kind of a pain.

& why must pull ups have characters on them and why can't a bag have only one design in a bag?  Because apparently there is a hierarchy over which to wear.  Luckily she only wears them at nap and night, but if she can't find the one she wants she gets a little ticked.  If they could just be plain.....

12 more days until the end of the tax filing season.  I counted, I have done 43 returns and 3 personal.  Seems strange.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Butterscotch Krunchies-Easter Style

One of the Christmas candies my family makes is the Butterscotch Krunchies.  I was perusing Pinterest one day and saw these cute little chocolate bird's nests candies with whopper eggs in them and thought I could do that with our Krunchies.  I have no idea where the actual receipe came from, we have been making them for so many years we just make them from memory.

1 pkg. Buttercotch chips
1 large (or 2 small) container La Choy chow mein noodles (the crunchy ones, not the ones to be cooked, trust me)
6 squares almond bark
1 carton Whopper mini eggs

For the Christmas candy variety you would use one can of spanish peanuts and mix that in to the melted mixture.

Melt the butterscotch and almond bark in the microwave stirring after each minute until melted.  Mix in the chow mein.  Spoon tablespoons sized nests onto tin foil and press 3 eggs into the middle. I made this a little bit too big, but it should make around 2 dozen. Let set and enjoy!