Wednesday, May 28, 2014

An update at last

I know I have taken an extended blog break, but I am totally ok with that.  I think of things I could blog about and write them in my head but they just stay there.

So instead some more Willadom’s:

She was so excited for Mother’s Day that she was planning gifts for months.  I had to close my eyes and sit on the couch when she was giving me her gift.  Her excitement caused her to jump up and down with glee and then she was trying to help me open the necklace and explain to me that it was “rose”.  It was really an infinity necklace made from rose gold.  She could have given me a garbage sack full of leaves and I would have loved every minute of her excitement.  It is so sweet to know she has such a generous heart.

This year of four is very different from the year of three.  She asks lots of questions, not easy questions like what is that over there, but very thought provoking questions.  Ones that I am not always sure how to answer in the most age appropriate way.  A twenty minute ride in the car can leave me mentally exhausted.  She doesn’t give you time to ponder she likes rapid fire responses so she can move on to her next question.

She did a five week soccer thing and really enjoyed it.  There weren’t a large number of kids during the session and she progressed to the top tier I would say.  She is a pretty good goalie.

We have been on a Swine Show Series this spring that will wrap up in a couple of weeks.  Totally fun for all of us and I hope she continues to stay excited about it.  She is pretty darn cute out there.

It has been such a crazy couple of months.  Since April 15th, I have not spent a weekend at home and will not until after our birthdays coming up.  Willa even asked this morning if we were ever going to have a day off.  I said you had one last Friday and she said No, a day off at our house.  Poor girl, she is feeling the whirlwind too.