Sunday, January 16, 2011

The work week finally ended and I felt fairly productive. Three audits got off my desk and into review just in time to start another on Monday. It seems like we have several things going on at work but we seem to be getting them done. I am also in charge of planning our firm-wide picnic this year which should be an interesting feat.

I made a sad discovery on Saturday morning. I noticed the other day when B got home that our digital camera was dead but I just figured he hadn't charged it at all while he was in Hawaii. However, it must have got smashed in his bag on the way back and was not longer functional. I really liked that camera and figured I would just buy the upgrade from it. I only used the new a few times, but it's just not the same. :(

We did have fun at the Children's Museum though. My office went there on our day of giving and I knew Willa would love it. The upstairs area where the big kids normally go was closed off for a function so there were some bigger kids running around so we had to stick pretty close to her as she trotted around. She was scared of a grandma that was reading in a chair. Almost like what is that lady doing? She really loved the car racing ramp, but was not to keen on sharing for the other kids to race. We stayed about an hour and I think it is something we can keep doing when it is cold outside.

I also finished rearranging our home office this weekend. We were keeping so much stuff that we did not need. I was able to move my sewing machine back in there now that our visitors are gone. Willa likes playing in there because she can climb up on the couch by herself.

The snow is finally melting and I hope it stays gone for a little while. There was an earthquake last night in Helena (a 3.8), but not strong enough for us to feel it here. Just more craziness around here I guess.

B started class this week. He had it so rough too. He only has class on Monday and Wednesday, so only one this week and tomorrow is a holiday, so another one day week. I feel so bad for him I tell ya. I would guess though, it will still be a busy week but I hope not like the last.