Monday, August 26, 2013

Holy Jeeze!

I really didn't mean to almost completely skip August in my blogging, but alas I pretty much have.  We have stayed busy but there have been some lulls of just loungey-ness going on.

Willa started at a new preschool 3 days a week.  I know they stay busy there because she usually naps in the afternoon.  But I am totally loving it.  The info sheets we get everyday just make my shy self so happy.  It gives all the information that I would normally ask about or wonder at out old school.  I did adore the Great Falls Center and I hope as time goes by we will get to know the ladies here just like we did there.  We did have one day of unhappiness with some little boys being not very nice, but she has since got over that.

I spent a weekend in Arkansas with my favorite college roomies.  We went canoeing, to a minor league game, played tons of pitch, did some shopping, tried different beers, and toured "Matt's Park."  A completely successful weekend that was topped off by finding the Minion blimp.

I also picked blackberries for the first time with my Grandma Jo, Mom, Sis-in-law and Willa.  Totally fun and we just keep adding things we want to Mimi and Poppy's garden.  I feel like we are bound and determined to can our way through the year.  I keep waiting for the fun add-ons from Bountiful Baskets to do some more fun canning.

I know there is much  more we have done over the last few weeks but these were some of the highlights for sure.