Friday, October 26, 2012

Things are Hopping....

At least that is how it feels.  We haven't been on the go too much it just seems like the days are so busy and then we come home and just chill.

My parents were out for the week and I headed off to CPE, which is always a good time.  My office dressed up as the Smurfs and I have to say we looked pretty good. Actually everyone in the Firm looked good and the effort that went into the costumes was fabulous.

I feel like I am in the middle of my "tax season" and the outlook of things slowing down won't be until the middle of February unless it all just falls into place.  That never happens so I am working on priortizing to get things done.

I also feel like I have a Gremlin living with me.  Things keep disappearing and I have no idea where.  The only one that I am sure of is the Bumblebee.  The Bumblebee has a new home at some cute little teenagers house.  She was so excited and I am confident she will love him as much as I did.  But I have lost some paperwork and it is driving me crazy, since I am basically at home, in the car, or at the office.

The Series of Unfortunate Events is finally winding to a close I hope.  Mirrors replaced, couch fixed, new tires, new fridge and Bosco is on the mend.  So glad things can finally get back to normal and we can quit raiding our savings. Oh how I hate to spend the savings even though that is exactly the type of things it is for.

Willa has been trucking along and keeping me on my toes.  We have had a few "battles" lately but she is getting much better at using her words instead of the meltdowns and I am getting better at heading them off.  The latest was over what she was wearing for school pictures.  I had picked it out and showed it to her the night before and got her all psyched up for the morning.  In the AM (which neither of us are morning people, so that is 80% of our problems) she was not having it and did not want to wear the red dress.  After a few tense minutes and me worrying that I was going to start acting like a child that didn't get her way, we resolved the issue and she wore the red dress.  She also got to wear her snow boots because of all the icky white on the ground.

Fall didn't last very long, but I suppose that is to be expected around here.  There is talk of some warm air coming through, but we haven't seen it.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Some Thought

One of Willa's phrases lately has been, "Mom, can I tell you something?" It is usually nothing big but I always just answered "Sure."  I realized though, I could be setting a precedence for the teen years now.  So now I answer, "You can tell me anything." I don't knowif it will make a big difference as I hope we always have an open dialogue going, but even if it doesn't it can't hurt.

Her other new phrase is, "I have a good idea." We will see where that takes us....
In other news Babe is missing.  Can't find her anywhere but it doesn't look like she has been eaten by Belle so hopefully she is just stuffed somewhere. Luckily Willa has been playing with her Little Sister doll and isn't too upset about Babe being lost.