Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Frugal Five

I am taking a page from the Non-Consumer Advocate blog and writing out the 5 things I think were pretty frugal this week. It was fun to think about the things we did this week and some pondering for next week too.

  1. I hemmed a pair of jeans (Silvers!) that my mom picked up for me at a garage sale in Great Falls a few years ago (possibly 2010, maybe 2011) for $5.  I had to seam rip one leg because I had already hemmed it once and it was still too long.  This was 1 of 2 pairs she bought for me that day and I hemmed one pair to wear with boots and shoes and the other to wear with my flats.
  2. I couponed at Walgreens this week for the first time in a while.  Saved over 41% (probably close to $30 with sales and coupons) and got an additional $9 to use later.  In this purchase I bought cereal, a few deodorants, some razors and Ziploc baggies, plus a dry shampoo to try.  All things we will use up.  I also couponed at the Commissary and almost saved the amount of the surcharge which is always my goal.  I would have, but the $1 deli counter coupon was expired and the cashier put it aside. But I was happy to be close.
  3. I haven't ate out this week and plan not to tomorrow as well.  We finally got to have a real grocery trip this past weekend and it is nice not to be scrounging for lunch or breakfast.  It also means I have maintained my weight this week.  I have lost 7lbs. since in the last few months and pretty excited about it.
  4. I finally dropped off the recycling.  While it may not necessarily qualify as frugal, I discovered the recycling drop off isn't far from my office so now it won't build up and I won't have to remember to take it with me when I go to the Base.
  5. Use It Up challenge.  Since we have been grocery-less, we have used up several things and I finished off a few food and toiletry items this week.
  6. I am adding a 6th since I remembered...Willa and I stopped into the Kid's consignment/2nd hand shop before gymnastics on Tuesday and picked up her up some new dresses, show shirts and a brand new Tinkerbell nightgown.  She was so sad in the mornings because she has a)hit a growth spurt and b) the seasons is changing so most of her dresses just weren't working out.  Happy camper and happy mom since I only spent $32.  We walked in to the retail shop next door first and one outfit was $25.  As quickly as she stains clothes at school and wears them out I was glad not to spend a small fortune.