Friday, April 30, 2010


The kid and I embarked on our first trip alone to OZ. Everything packed, only her food items in the diaper bag, a change of clothes for her, and the rest was checked. I typically hate checking bags because I always want my essential items in my carry-on, but I was unsure if I could handle a stroller, a squirmy infant, and another bag to make our connection. So I coughed up the $23 and sent my bag down the line. We got a wonderful snow/slush storm in the GTF on Thursday which made for an interesting experience just getting into airport by myself. Poor kid was freezing and since dogs got their muddy paws all over her coat on the way to their Hilton, she was only wearing a hat. Just getting our stuff out of the trunk led to the biggest bruise I have had in a long time on my arm. But we made it through security and on to the plane.

Happy girl was she while we de-iced and taxied to the runway. She was actually pretty good on the plane and it was very nice. The plane wasn't very full so we had a seat to ourselves and she was able to eat and play in her own seat. Having to de-ice and wait on the incoming plane made us a tad late into Salt Lake City. Of course, we had only a 56 minute layover! A lady from Delta was super nice, told me to wait inside and she would get my stroller, then she called ahead to have them get me a cart to take me to our gate. We hitched a ride and made it to our packed plane with a few minutes to spare. We weren't even the last ones on.

Her happiness was starting to wear thin as it was almost bedtime. Smart me had made her bottle on the first flight, so I just needed to get her in her jammies and change her diaper. So for our second time (once in December) we embarked on a journey to the in-flight restroom. Easy enough to change her, but by that point I had to go. Props to me for being able to and hold a baby. She finally settled down and went to sleep after an hour of constant up and down, turning circles in my arms. My arms are mush this morning.

We made it to KCI and only then did it dawn on me that my luggage my not have made the connection. It hadn't and was routed to Cincinnati. No biggie right, we should get it the next day. That is not appearing likely at the moment, so who knows how we are going to look for the wedding tomorrow. Worst case scenario it will arrive via UPS on Tuesday at my parents. Nice, considering we leave Sunday.

To cap off our evening we discovered the carseat that a friend had lent us and B had driven down in February was not rear-facing. So I strapped her in the best I could and we stopped at the first Wal-mart down the road. I would just like to point out how difficult it is to install a new carseat and alter the straps at midnight, in a windy parking lot.

But we made it to the house by via one gravel road detour because the train had made an emergency stop on the tracks and got to sleep in this morning. I also must? say that GTF is truly the windy city of the USA, but when you are sleeping in a house that has nothing surrounding it, you feel and hear the wind differently.

Today is a new day right?

Happy Birthday to SEW, and Happy Wedding day tomorrow to Joe & Ashliegh!!!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ups & Downs

First off, we have another tooth. Two little teeth on the bottom row. This new tooth either broke through last night after a short catnap and the ensuing screaming or this afternoon when she got fussy at daycare. Either way, she finally let me get a glimpse of it tonight.

But tax season is over and we dove right back into the audits the following Monday. The party was a ton of fun and I won Best Disco Moves, courtesy of a quick learning of the hustle, some quicksteps of my cha cha, electric slide and the cupid shuffle. Plus a sailor kick that I pulled off to look like Riverdance.

Friday I got to deal with a lovely branch that collapsed on my neighbor's garage from the snow storm on Wednesday. I failed to notice it, but a few dollars and hours later, it is gone.

The next day, the Grammy took us shopping. The little Chic got a new umbrella stroller for the plane ride this week, some clothes, I scored some new shoes, and we found a most coveted Vera Bradley bag for our dear little Sassy. Unfortunately, she liked it so it's not coming back to Montana anytime soon.

Following that, the audit trail called and my first nights away from the Kid. It wasn't too bad, I was pretty busy to even think about it. Once I returned though, I realized how much I missed her. After basic training, tech school, a few TDY's and B being gone now, I totally know the meaning of absence makes the heart grow fonder. It always does and makes me appreciate how much I actually have to be thankful for.

Despite that, some days it's just hard to kick the funk. That was kind of my weekend. I am so not up for any Mother of the Year awards after the Kid hit her head twice on the recliner, once on a chair, and snapped herself with a rubberband. She is on the move and I can't keep up with her. The babygate is up, electrical outlets are in place, floors vacumned, and she is quick to find anything she is not to have. Poor kid just couldn't catch a break.

We kicked off the new week returning to daycare and work. Oh so much fun.

My condolonces to Dylan Meier's family. What a tragic story. He did a nice job quaterbacking Kansas State's team for a while. So sad.

A few more days and we get to see B and some more of the fam. Hopefully the new little addition makes an appearance before or while we are there!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Blow Out

I must preface this and say we have been very fortunate in the fact there have been very few blowouts in this house. I can't remember when the last one was. Probably in those first few weeks even. Don't know if we just had good diapers or what, but that came to an end today. The little chick-a-dee had one, not to bad, but definitely on her clothes. She laughed the most adorable belly laugh through the whole thing and then threw the diaper cream in the trash. I laughed myself because hers was just so contagious. Luckily/Sadly her brand new onesie was only like $2 so I hope I can get the stain out. Her pants I think are going to survive.

Trees were damaged in our front yard this morning due to the heavy snow. Another instance where I wish B was here to handle it. One limb came all the way down and I think I will be able to move it, the other is still partially attached to the tree which I won't be able to move. I need to find a friend with a chain saw and a generous heart to help me out.

Oh well, I have a three day weekend to get it figured out while the Granny is here to watch the Kid.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A week of firsts

We have a tooth! We have a semi-crawler and we have our first bite marks. The Kid got bit at daycare today and it looks like it must have hurt. Hopefully her reasoning skills are developed enough that she won't put her finger in a 2-year olds mouth.

Anyway, back to her tooth. She screamed twice last night, at which point I was convinced she was having a nightmare because she wasn't waking up, but it must have been the tooth finally breaking through. Because you know I am sure, it happens just like that.

The crawling/scooting business is ever evolving. She can get where she wants regardless of if she is supposed to be. I was cleaning her room and was taking out the diaper trash. By the time I walked in and out with the sack she had made it to her closet. And she pink puffy hearts the computer and web cam. As soon as she hears the "call" she is scooting over to the screen. She loves talking to her dad and trying to eat the camera. It's really fun playing and interacting with her now, but it limits what I am able to get accomplished too. I can't turn my back on her at all and even the dogs are playing with her more.

Belle isn't as gentle as she was when the Kid was a newborn but she is getting better at letting play on and around her. The new fun thing is to play with Belle's jingle jangles (tags) and she will follow Belle around as she moves away from her.

On a work update: I have 2 more returns to drop into the software and couple to extend even though they are done and I am finished. Did a board report tonight, which makes it the second one I have done by myself. If I can get some planning done tomorrow and finish up those returns, I will be sitting pretty. I am really looking forward to the tax party on Thursday. I haven't gone out since October when we had our firm-wide CPE and we had class the following morning. I am really not a big partier/drinker but I make an exception for the April 15 party and firm-wide CPE. We dance and just have a good time with the people that go through the everyday stress we put up with. This year there is a Disco theme and if I remember I will have my mom take a pic of my work spouse and I dressed up compliments of my sister's Halloween costume. Lucky for me, the party is 2 blocks away. Never before have I had to worry about how I was going to get home, I am always the DD.

But it should be a good week and I am looking forward to no longer having the guilt of not putting enough hours and being free of tax returns.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Its OAR I believe. OCR is the text recognition software we use in PDF Flyer. Silly tax season brain.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lady A!

Typically when the Kid and I are at home and not watching something of vital importance like Dancing with the Stars we have it on CMT or GAC. Every Saturday morning we watch the Top 20. This started after she was born when I was getting up in the middle of the night. Other than infomercials it's the only thing on. But the funny thing is... No matter what she is doing if Lady Antebellum comes on she stops what she is doing and looks at the screen. I am not making this up. When she was a wee babe I used to dance around the room to calm her down, but I think she's hooked. But it's only Lady A. Not sure if she just "knows" Hillary Scott's voice or if going to their concert while she was in the womb did something. But it makes me laugh every time.

This of course is right up her Dad's DNA. I fail (but am getting better) at knowing songs and can sometimes even name them on command. So between her and JP, this kid should know every genre of music out there. If you haven't listened to a Crazy Game of Poker, you really should. I "think" it's OCR. If my comments ever work again, JP can correct me.

That is all!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

6 month appointment

Just a few weeks late. But all is well. The Kid is stilling hanging tough in the 70% range. 17lbs and 27 1/4 inches long. Hopefully she is going to kick my 5'2" sizes butt. She loved the paper on the table and only cried a little bit during her shots. Better than I do, I still look away. I tried to watch the first time and it made me nauseous. Why needles bother me, I don't know. But she is happy and healthy, so what more could I ask for.

We are on our third sippy cup and I can't decide if she doesn't like the cups or just not a fan of the beverage. We tried water and then I gave her a little juice for flavor but she just isn't a fan. Oh well, she will get the hang of it one day.

We also spilled half a jar of baby food this evening onto the floor. That was an experience we will try to avoid in the future. The Kid also ventured into real table food this week. She likes mac & cheese and toast and tried some bananas tonight. It's been fun and she likes them more than the purees. If I were her, I would be bored too.

I continued my Friday progress the last few days, and I can finally see an end to tax season. I leave for an audit the Monday following the 15th and I am trying to get us as prepared as possible so we can get fieldwork done in three days and two loan reviews. After that, I plan to get in some serious craft time!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

I was wonderfully productive at work on Friday which was a good thing since we made an unexpected trip to the peditrictian after work. The Kid has a little rash and I figured we better check it out. All was ok and we venture back on Monday for the belated 6 month check up. To continue our good news, our home computer won't boot up right now. So on Saturday we headed to the office to see what we could get done. Turns out not much when a 6 month old is doing returns.

We also braved Wally World to get some groceries which wasn't too bad considering all the last minute Easter shoppers. We got to webcam with my cousin Steph Saturday night and it was so good to chat and catch up with her. Her little one will be making an arrival in the next month and hopefully we will be there to meet him or her.

Sunday proved to me anti-nap day as opposed to a nice Easter. I ate breakfast at 10 o'clock after getting up at 4 & 7. I am pretty sure we are in the midst of all out teething. We got to webcam with both sets of families and visit with B before he checked out all the Kansas activities. We got to enjoy a lovely dinner with some friends and the Kid drank out of a real cup afterwards. Finally on the ride home she crashed.

Tonight was also the premiere of High School Musical 3 on Disney. My sister-in-law got me started on the series and I have to say I don't like the 3rd one near as much.

Hopefully I will get all the settings situated shortly so people can comment and I can upload the fun pictures from the Kid's photo shoot last weekend.

Well, we are in the final countdown of tax season and I have finally quit drowning and treading water comfortably. I didn't get anything done this weekend, but tomorrow is a new day!

Happy Easter all!