Friday, June 7, 2013


The crazy weeks have finally ended.  We got the kiddos married, the cake was made, and we moved into our new rental.  My feet finally stopped aching on Wednesday.  Willa and I practically chilled for a few days watching movies and sleeping in.  It has been a little nuts getting to sleep in and my body woke up at a more reasonable waking hour this morning.

In other news, our 10 year class reunion is tomorrow and we are pretty curious to who will come.  Had we not moved to MO in the last few weeks we wouldn't have been able to attend,  but we drove back to KS this afternoon to go.  But this housecat is ready for a few weekends of no events, but alas, I think we have a few more weekends of things going on.  Mostly running events, but probably a few other things will get thrown in.