Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holy Cow

I feel like it is Thursday already, but then while making dinner I realized it wasn't. It has been a kind of crazy week with B starting school, me getting a flat tire and a new one to replace it. I feel like all we have done is run around but really I have only been going to work and we had one Target stop this week. I feel semi-productive at least. I got two audits off my desk this week, with the potential to finish two more by Friday. That gets me ready for the other 5 that will be happening in the next few weeks.

Willa has been working on animal sounds at daycare, specifically ducks, dogs, and pigs. She says cow occasionally and they told me today she has really been working hard. They have also been working on parts of the face which we have noticed. She is really good at eyes, ears, and nose.

But a fast paced week none-the-less. Plus it was COLD. Not snowy like the rest of the country because ours was already on the ground. I also realized in all the time we have lived here, I don't think they schools have ever had a snow day. We have higher standards up here I guess.


Liz said...

so funny that you thought it should be thursday. i woke up thinking it felt like it should be thursday bc this week has been SO LONG.