Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I don't think I get to watch the K-State games on TV anymore.  They win when I don't and lose when I do.  We started struggling last night so I stopped watching and we won!

We tried/created a new recipe tonight.  We tried out a rump roast.   (The recipe said to just slit the top and put in some garlic gloves and then season with salt, pepper, and steak sauce overnight.  We skipped the steak sauce and instead injected it with a garlic marinade.  This morning B popped it into the crock pot and I covered it with an onion soup packet.  It was really good with mashed potatoes and Hawaiian rolls.

Toddler bed sleeping has been interesting.  She falls asleep on her floor most nights and then we move her into bed.  Last night is the first time she has woke up in the middle of the night and not gone back to sleep.  It was pretty much like the night she crib jumped.  I am not sure if she is having night terrors or what, but I would like to figure it out.

I really can't believe January is almost over.  It has gone by so fast.  I had a night out this weekend with some co-workers.  We went to a benefit for a gal that has cancer ( www.helpingmichelle.com ).  We had a good time and scored during the silent auction.  I can't wait for the weather to keep warming up so I can rock my new red high heels and I have to decide what I want to use my gift certificates at the spa for.  I am debating either a massage or a pedicure.  Probably massage because my hands really need worked on and I just don't think I can justify a trip out to one of my audit clients to have her do it.  Might be a little weird.  We didn't stay out too late and we all functioned on Sunday at the office so I would call it a success.

The work week is a little wonky already but I am hoping tomorrow and Thursday go a little better.  One more audit is going out the door but the problem audit is making it hard to stay motivated.  Must stay Motivated!!!

I hope you enjoy yours.