Monday, April 29, 2013


It seems like of was just yesterday that B was calling to say we were moving to Missouri, so it makes it hard to believe that I only have about 12 days left in MT. I have started packing my office and it has to be baby steps because we aren't ready for it.  I have a lot of lunch dates for the next 2 weeks and I am trying to hit all my favorites.

Willa and I pretty much were bums all weekend reading books, watching movies, working in her workbooks.  She has really progressed in her counting and writing her numbers.  I had a funny realization the other day when I asked her why she always writes the A first in her name.....because A comes first in zoophonics. Duh, mom!

I finished my training for Bountiful Baskets so hopefully I will be able to open a new site once we get settled.  I was able to order our favorite bread today so hopefully it will get us through for awhile.

We just keep plugging along.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Murphy and I have become good friends this week, but so far I am mostly winning.  Electrical outlets, and running new power for the microwave is complete.  What I wasn't counting on was the motherboard to our furnace fritzing out.  Of course it happened the week of our open house.  Thankfully, we have an awesome fireplace and some space heaters I grabbed from the office.  If it would just quit snowing it wouldn't be an issue.

I learned something grocery shopping yesterday.  Willa is getting so tall that I can't see around her when she is sitting in the front of the cart.  She also crashed in the car today on our way to PETCO. I carried her in and while she isn't heavy she is way too long for me to carry comfortably while trying to shop.

I was asked to stick around an extra week at the office to work on one more audit.  Funnily, we are now back to the original week I planned on leaving since I figured I would work on that one.  We moved it when there was an offer on the house but since that fell through it seems to be working out.  It will eventually, but I am sure the uhaul people will be glad when I quit changing it.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Riding the rollercoaster of selling our home sucks.  Just when I thought all was going to work out better than expected, the wind is knocked from sails.  Wallowing is pity tonight and then back to better moods tomorrow is the plan.

Life goes on and we adapt.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


What a crazy weekend.  We loaded up a U-haul, had a couple of showings, did some more repairs and sent B and the dogs on their way.  It was pretty weird after they left.  The house had a sort of empty feel.  I am pretty used to B being gone at this point but not having the dogs here is just weird. 

Willa I think enjoyed her Easter.  We put change in her plastic eggs and she was just excited to feed her pig.  When I put her to bed on Sunday night she told me she was going to stay in bed so the Easter Bunny would leave her more money.  She was disappointed to learn Easter was over.

B spent today driving.  First arriving in Kansas and then heading over to our new stomping grounds to find us some shelter.  It seems like that is under control for the moment and hopefully the little nibble we have on the GTF house will decide to take a big bite.  Really though, I hope their house sells so that they can and then everyone will be happy.

We also found out a neighbor wants to buy things out of our house.  I told the realtor to send her down, that I had some items that were a no go but could negotiate on the rest.

Willa and I are rocking a rental car this week.  It's a 2013 Malibu which despite just being the newer version of my car, feels like a boat.  It's loaded and shiny and new and has a remote start.  Not going to lie, I have always wanted a remote start.

So week 2 of spotless house continues....