Friday, February 20, 2015

5 Frugal Things and an Update

1.       I have not purchased anything besides food and gas since the beginning of the year.  I started January on a spending freeze just because and then when all of our house drama sprang up it seems prudent to not spend frivolously.  Plus it has cut down on crap in.  B has also done pretty well.

2.       We have been doing a Super Use it Up Challenge for several weeks.  Our grocery budget has been well under as we are trying to eat up things so we don’t have to move them.  Milk, eggs, and dog food have been the main purchases.  (#fail though, we have ate out a few times and it has topped our grocery budget).

3.       We shopped around for new home owner’s insurance.  When I say we, I mean B, because he has been in charge of the Missouri house.  I think he did a swell job finding us a good policy.

4.       I borrowed some work clothes from my sister to change up the wardrobe a little bit.  Easy zero dollar spending.

5.       I have saved boxes since the first time I moved to Montana in 2004, purchased a few for the move in 2013, recycled the boxes from work and borrowed from a co-worker after her move (she had borrowed from another co-worker that moved from Kansas to Montana).  We have only had to get more tape to resurrect the boxes.  My hope is to get through this move with just what we have and maybe purge a few more things.  Some boxes are off to the recycling center though from breaking down way too much.

My posting lately has been dismal, obviously, but not because I haven’t been thinking about it.  A lot has been happening at Casas de Moylan in the last few months.  I have been thinking about starting a new blog to focus more on my ramblings and hobbies.  Not to make money or become famous or anything, I just feel like I have out grown this one.  I started it to document things going on in our lives when we were so far away and now that we are closer I don’t feel the need to do so.  Plus, my hobbies and interests keep evolving and I would like to spend more time on that.  I just haven’t come up with a new name yet.