Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So this morning The Kid and I were going about our business getting ready for the day when it happened. I was buckling her into her car seat and I clipped her lip in the chest belt. I knew something happened when it clicked but until she started screaming bloody murder did I know what I did. Her poor little lip bled a little and I felt so bad. She was happy to play with some toys on our ride to daycare so I don't think I scarred her for life.

Ironically, her dad did the exact same thing when he picked her up from daycare! It was just not her day.

The daycare's latest newsletter came out and any child over the age of one needs supplies for the upcoming "school" year. I have to find out if she qualifies since she turns one in THREE WEEKS!!! I just can't believe it. It feels like yesterday that we were just bringing her home. It is incredible how fast this year has gone and it just amazes me how quickly these little ones develop and grow, that in the grand schemes of things, is really such a short amount of time. I feel like these last six years have just flown by me.

I was thinking about high school this morning as I got ready for work and couldn't decide if I missed it or not. I am leaning more towards not. At least until I went to pay bills tonight. That part of life is depressing, but such it is and it is a part of being in society. Still no fun to see it going out.

Pure craziness is what life is, but I am not sure I would have it any other way. At least today anyway.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some household TLC

Starting on Wednesday, B power washed our decks to get ready for some much needed staining. We talked about it last year and in making our "goal" list at the beginning of the summer it was up towards the top. Funnily enough, of the 3 things on our list they are all in semi-completion. The tree got cut part of the way down and it seems we are going to be getting rid of the wood soon. The windows are ordered and should be installed sometime in September. So finally, it seemed like it was the decks turn.

Saturday morning TK cooperated and took her morning nap at like 9. I say cooperated even though she got up at 6:11 after sleeping in all during the work week. But it worked because we both jumped in and started staining the back deck after I took the dogs to daycare. Neither of us have ever stained anything but our clothing, so we turned to the trusty interwebz to find out what to do. Ok, so really I did in my anal, accountant ways, but whatevs, it works. Me, being the semi-liberal that I am, slathered the deck in stain until about the last 1/4 of it. You can totally see when I became a conservative. So we have a little touching up to do, but for the most part we like it. The color wasn't quite what we pictured but it will have to work. Our new fire pit looks nice on it at least.
So we wouldn't have to climb out windows we decided to do the front on Sunday. The rain gods had other plans. Forecasts called for scattered showers all day but until 5:00 we hadn't seen a drop of rain and then the flood gates opened. Luckily, we decided to wait and I picked up the puppies before the storm hit.

Since we didn't get that project completed we worked in the kitchen most of the day organizing and cleaning. We also made some granola which is absolutely devine. I have made it before but tweaked the recipe a little and B added his own concoction to his half. I attempted a homemade Gatorade, but if I try it again I might have to tweak it too. It wasn't bad though, it tasted sort of like a Gatorade wannabe. I attempted hush puppies as well using a mix, but my frying skills need some work. We couldn't get our oil to a good temperature so only some of them were edible. But I think I will try it again the next time we get groceries.
Our little girl is getting so big I just can't believe it. She pretty much walked all over the place today. Not just steps, but laps around the living room. She is getting pretty good and if she could master standing up without an object, she would probably give up crawling. It is so funny and she is so proud of her new skill. We aren't sure but it is possible she is teething again. I was hoping for a break but B said if they all want to come in at once he will take it.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. Hope yours was as well.

A Crafting Craze

So I have finally taken and uploaded a few pictures of things I have worked on lately. One that I am totally in love with, is the bow holder for TK's (The Kid) room. I love the little stripes and finally getting to see what bows she has. I have made a few duplicates because I have forgotten what I have already made.

Remember my awesome $20 MP3 player? It needed some love instead of being tossed around in my purse, so I used the leftover bow holder fabric to make a little pouch. I don't think it's "technically right" in the real sewing world, but it's going to get the job done.

A few weekends ago, I made myself a crochet hat to match one I made long before I was pregnant. I had this sparkly yarn that I couldn't figure out what to use it for, threw them together and voila! I think we are totally cute and almost can't wait (summer hasn't been here long enough yet) for it to cool off so we can rock the hats.

Golf Cake

The work-spouse and I used one of our last half-day Fridays to create this for our co-workers new husband. Quite frankly, this one was tougher than the cheeseburger cake because we had to actually be creative! We learned a few things on this cake and I got to break out my marshmallow fondant, which I think the "water" turned out pretty awesome. Mandi did the carving and piping and she is getting so good at it. We only used two cakes on this one and really tried to make it look like the terrain on a golf course. We have another order for a baby bottom cake in September, the weekend before the Kid's b-day so we are going to be in all out cake mode.

The cake was a hit, and we had fun doing it. If we were to do another one like this, there are things we would change, but we think it looked in the end. I don't have the final pictures because Mandi tweaked things a little after I left. We just hope it tastes as good as it looked.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catching up

Well, the trip to Missoula didn't go to bad. She only cried the last 30 miles until we broke out the laptop and turned on some Lady A. I keep telling you it's her drug. She was ready to party once we got to the hotel after being cooped up in the car. It rained most of the night and morning and the prospect of a beautiful picnic was going down the drain. Which is precisely what happened at last years picnic when the skies opened and dumped gallons of water on us.

Luckily for all of us, the skies cleared and we enjoyed a lovely day of water gun fights, a balloon toss, Famous Dave's BBQ and a pinata for the kiddos. I was in charge of this and as the kids were pulling the ribbons the bull was decapitated. I was mortified but the kids sure enjoyed the candy. We left right around nap time and she slept most of the way home with only a short intervention courtesy of....Lady A!

I forgot to mention last week one of the best $20 I have ever spent. I finally joined the real world and bought an MP3 player. It doubles as a radio and since I am out of the office, I don't have to sit in silence by myself anymore. I love it and need a free night so I can craft a cute little coozie for as I carry it around in my bag.

My work spouse and I have another cake order to do this weekend and got another call today to do a baby shower cake in September. We are very excited to see how they turn out and hope everyone likes them.

I booked my flight for the wedding in October and I know I have much to do before it gets here. It seems like the days just keep flying by.

The Kid is taking steps like nobody's business. We are pretty sure any day now that crawling will be a thing of the past. Friday night two more top teeth broke through so we are finally back to quiet nights now that she is not in pain. If you are keeping count, that is 4 on top and 2 on bottom. I love her little smile now that she has teeth, she likes to show them off.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whatta Wednesday

Well, I guess it really started on Tuesday.....

I took my ill-fitting bridesmaid dress to get altered and at first was told just to order a new dress. Not just one size up, put 4. Luckily she changed her mind, and for me being short finally came in handy. With the amount that has to be hemmed, she thinks she will be able to add inches to the bust. Also a first for me....fitting the top is usually not a problem. Then it continued....

So I finally got the part I needed for my new sewing machine and I got the office all cleaned up, organized, and ready to get started. I was halfway down my first row and broke the needle and possibly busted the new piece. Hopefully, I just need somebody that knows what they are doing to rectify my mistake.

Wednesday brought us another demotion in my bid for mother of the year (MOY). Totally forgot it was picture day at daycare. Because of the Kid's general kid messiness, lately I have slacked in the her always being at the top of her fashion game. Today was one of those days and she was her usual wild-haired woman. Of course she had no spare clothes in her cubby (another MOY deduction). It used to be I had to go get clothes out of her cubby because they seemed to stockpile in there and then I would be looking for her cute outfits. I also forgot that today was the end of summer party. Thought that was tomorrow. Later on, I find out there are picture packets in which I was supposed to prepay for what I wanted. How do two parents miss out on this information I ask you? I am not sure yet. They let me know at the party that her picture coincided with her nap time so she was pretty out of it when it was her turn. So all my running around and shelling out of money might be for a crap-tastic photo.

I did make it to the party and had to deal with death stares from my child because I wouldn't let her have a drink of my root beer float. She might have given me another deduction for that but I thought it was merit worthy.

One bright side to the day was I finished one of the 20 audits we have to get done. I am hoping to be done with fieldwork on the other train wreck of an audit next week, so that maybe I can take a few days to recuperate and get ready for the marathon of audits that are coming up. I have one review to get done, another audit to get started, and possibly another to schedule so we will see if those vacation days come to fruition.

We are heading off to Zoo town tomorrow to attend the company picnic on Friday. It will be our longest driving trip with an infant and B is confident it isn't going to go well. I remain optimistic, especially since we are now going the night before. It's his last weekend of softball and for the first time I have to say I am glad. I would like to say it will be nice to have him home during the week, but he starts school again and has a few night classes. That I can probably handle, but we will be readjusting our routines again and I might prop myself up on my matrydom pedastal of semi-single parenthood. I will probably end of feeling sorry for him though, since he will be working early in the morning until he goes to class until late. When he is going to get his homework done is anyone's guess.

I remember the days when I went to class in the morning, worked until 5-6 and then went to tax class until 9. It's a workout in many respects.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Car Seat "Mat"

I was going to write about being a judgey parent last night, but decided that was counter-productive and after a long week, just not worth it. I have to get an audit finished this weekend and we have a long honey-do list around here so there is no need to be negative.

Tonight, I was able to get a quick craft project in and I am so excited about how it turned out. Once the Kid wakes up and I have some good light I will post a picture of it. However, I bring to you my promise of the Car Seat "Mat"

I didn't take a picture of it installed in the car, but I got a shot of it with our spare seat.

Don't mind our wild haired woman, she was checking out her new toy. B laughed, but I have noticed he drops toys into the pockets for easy access when we are buckling her in. She hasn't spilled anything yet, but I am sure the towel on the backside will come in handy.

But a Happy Weekend to you.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sunrise and Sunsets

I am more of a sunset kind of girl, mostly because I hate morning. HATE morning with a passion really. So this morning when the teething monster reared its ugly face, I was not pleased and neither was our child. Two hours later we snagged 45 minutes of zzzz's only to race out the door a few, er several, minutes late. I can't wait for this tooth to break through to have my happy, eating well, sleeping well kid back.

However, I got 3 cherries in my cherry limeade at lunch which almost makes up for the rotten morning.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pasta and a bruise

I am pretty sure a semi-black eye at 10 months old is not going to win me any mother of the year awards, but what can you do. She was playing so good in her room by herself and I was just letting her do her thing. One of the convertible car seats is in there and she whacked herself with a metal buckle. Nothing to bad, but probably something I should have baby-proofed. But she really has started being more independent during play time. She just goes into her room or corner in the living room and plays away. She used to only do this when it was time for bed.

Tonight we shared some garlic shells and alfredo and I am pretty sure it is her favorite meal. She ate almost as much as I did. It was pretty funny watching her too. She would stick her finger on the shell so it would stick and then put her finger in her mouth. Pretty good coordination if I do say so myself. Anything that wouldn't stick she tried to shove in her mouth, though several pieces fell onto her shirt or down to the patiently waiting dogs.

Sleeping has turned into another battle, which usually takes place around 3 am. I think she has another tooth coming in and the poor girl is in pain. She slept in until 7:30 this morning and was not happy to be woken up. Don't blame the girl, I am definitely not a morning person either.

It's Shark Week on Discovery which means our DVR is working in full force! So far of the two I have watched one guy drove me nuts. Interesting topic, horrible host.

I am so ready to start making Christmas gifts and I have so many ideas. Now I just need to go buy materials and find some quality time to put it all together. Hopefully everyone likes what I have in mind.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had some firsts this weekend. The Kid and I finally got to watch B play softball on Saturday. She also took her first real steps that I have witnessed. These weren't her regular take a step and fall the rest of them. She actually stayed balanced and took 4 steps into my arms. Somebody commented that it was only appropriate that they were taken at the ball field.

She also went to her first state fair. We weren't there very long, but packed in a petty zoo, sheep, cloggers, dinosaurs, and lots of fair food She particularly liked the kangaroo, the pot-bellied pig, and a cow. We thought the zebra was pretty cool ourselves. We saw a green lamb in the livestock barn and had some ice cream there. We walked through the animatronic dinosaur exhibit that was nowhere worth the $5 each we paid to see it, but it was sort of neat. Twisted lemonade was some of the best lemonade I maybe have ever had. Sadly, unlike the Kansas state fair, they don't have grilled corn on the cob or root beer stands. But we had a good time and wore the child out. She fell asleep on our way home and even stayed asleep as we took her out of the car seat.

Much to get done before going back to work tomorrow around the house and for the office. I shouldn't have slacked on Friday. I always pay for my procrastination. Whoops.