Sunday, September 15, 2013

September Flies

We are just cruising right along through the month of September and just having a little blast.  The weather has been extremely warm and poor B is still training.  He is also recovering from a horrible sinus infection so he complains his runs aren't up to snuff.

Willa has been having a ball doing all kinds of fun things.  Her preschool has been going to a gymnastics center, she went to the local Air Show, Powell Gardens and the Circus.  Does it get any better for kicking off her birthday month.

Her party is the weekend after birthday week and I am glutton for punishment since I am also hosting my sister's bridal shower the following day.

I helped out B's cousin at his first BBQ cook off and it was a lot of fun but exhausting.  I slept half the day today and am already ready to go to bed tonight.

Also for the last few weeks I have been interviewing for a new job.  I had initially applied for a different position but they felt I was better suited for a job they were getting ready to post.  After meeting with 4 people and waiting a week, I was selected as their new Mortgage Lending Officer.  Talk about taking a new road down a career path.  My accounting background will be quite helpful and I am very hopeful that this will work out for everyone.  I am a little sad to be giving up my days at home,  but excited to try something new.