Saturday, November 26, 2011

Apple Stuffing Porkchops

I don't make this very often, but it is so yummy when I do.  I can't remember where I got the recipe, probably a Kraft magazine, but it is so easy to remember.

Make one box Pork stuffing according to the box
Spray casserole dish with non-stick spray
Pour in one can apple pie filling.  Layer on thawed pork chops and stuffing.
Cover with foil and bake for about an hour at 350 degrees.  I usually take the foil off for the last 10 minutes.
I am half tempted to marinate the chops before baking just to see what it does to the flavor, but why mess with a good thing, right?


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some Saturday Fodder

We have had some snow the last few days, but as far as snow goes, it's been a nice snow.  Just a light powder and today there was no wind.  B had to work since they were doing a flyover for the Cat/Griz game and about 11:30 he asked if we were going to watch the planes.  I thought to myself this might be a good chance to let Willa play in the snow.  So I bundled us up and herded everyone outside.  Being the nice person that I am, I also decided to shovel the walks and our porches.  I tried to start a snow fight, but Miss Prim and Proper was not impressed with getting snow on her coat and scolded me accordingly.  I thought she might want to try a snow angel and again she was not impressed.  We got all the shoveling done and I had decided we missed the planes coming back so it was time to head inside.  It was then that I found out I had locked us out of the house.  No keys, no phone, and no unlocked windows.  We had a few options in my mind.

I thought if we did miss the planes, B would be heading home soon.  We could go see if any of our neighbors were home, but I wasn't to comfortable with that.  Or we could walk to Walgreens and try to get ahold of B.  Since the sun was shining, I decided we would just play outside and if we got cold we would try something else.  I didn't even have my watch on to know what time it was.  Sadly, we soon saw the planes come back and land.  I knew though that as soon as we left the house we would miss B and he would freak out if he found all of our stuff at home and not us.  I peeked into the house to see what time it was and realized we were way past lunch and just past nap time.  My toes were getting cold so we headed up the street.

Luckily, B answered on the first ring and was heading home, so we warmed up browsing the store.  The saddest part of the whole story is when B texted if we were going to watch the planes, he meant on TV.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A -Poo story

I think I am truly a minimalist at heart.  My house might not show that, but I love when I use something up and can get rid of it.  Just recently, I got to use up a few things.  I always use up my conditioner before I finish up a bottle of shampoo, but I always start a set together so before I knew it, I had three bottles of mostly empty shampoo bottles in the shower.  That made for a cluttered shower for sure.  But being the coupon savvy person that I am, scored a free bottle of conditioner and decided it was time to rid myself of shampoo.  I got through two and almost the third before I ran out of conditioner again.  Around that time I also finished a bottle of moisturizer too, so it was really exciting times I am telling ya.  Anyway, I love when everything is hidden and in its place.  Because I put the pro in procrastinator I have been trying to take baby steps getting rid of our clutter.  Sometimes that means only one thing goes out of the house or maybe sometimes 2 things come in.  But hopefully soon, I can be content with all the stuff we still have or at least develop a little bit better organization.  Or maybe, I will decide to go the No-Poo route and not have to worry about shampoo bottles anymore.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baked Ziti

I received this recipe from my cousin Melissa when I got married in my box of recipes.  It is probably one that I have made the most in our marriage.  I love it and B likes it most of the time.  This makes a lot so I have had to adapt a little for just the 2 of us and not so much now that we are 3.  Tonight I made way to much and used some of the sauce that my Mom and Grandma canned for me.  On B's request I also added some cheddar cheese.

1lb. ziti noodles-boil until soft and rinse.
Spray glass pan with Pam, add noodles, 1 1/2 jar of spaghetti sauce (she recommends the Great Value-onion and garlic), add finely chopped onion and 4 tsp minced garlic.  Mix and stir.  ( I tend to pour it back into the pot I boiled the noodles because I usually slosh noodles every where).  Top with 8 cups mozzarella.  (I also like to mix in a little cheese to the mixture).  Bake for 30-40 minutes.  Just don't burn the cheese.  Serve with salad and fresh bread.  Yummy!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Willa hoarding things in her pockets:
      Seriously, I find the most random things when doing her laundry.  Dominos, snacks, hair clips, rocks.  I am worried though, B's aunt once found a lizard.  She comes home with a lizard, I don't care how old she is, she will do her own laundry from then on. 

Changing clothes to have a pocket:
      She does this too, because she likes to put her phones in her pocket.  She is pretty particular because one of her phones (yes, she has two) isn't small enough to fit all the way into the pockets.

Just the Right PJ's:
      Her jammies must match, do not try to put her in unmatching jammies, even if the character matches.  Typically she will tell you which ones she wants.  Right now she is on a 4 day frog jammie kick. At least she is not naked right?

Calling me woman:
    So long ago in the beginning of our marriage, B started calling me Woman around groups of people to a) think he was asserting his authority (ha!) and b) so he could get my attention and c) he likes The Quiet Man.  Some people are appalled by it, but now it's just funny.  Even a few of his friends only know me as Woman.  He now falls out of his seat in fits of laughter when little sweet Willa yells Woman from across the room.

"Bye, see you later!"
    Playing with our babies is a huge thing right now and Willa will pack her bag and purse, strap a baby into the stroller and proceed to yell "Bye, see you later!" as she struts herself to the back door to play.  Funny enough, but now she has added in a "Give me hug" before she goes and we both have to hug her before she goes to play.  It's hilarious and so sweet at the same time.  She even did it when I dropper her off at daycare which is a step up from her ripping off her shoes and sprinting away from me every morning.

These are the things that keep us hopping at the Moylan household.