Thursday, May 16, 2013


What a crazy couple of weeks of weeks that went flying by.  I didn't get everything done and I know I will continue to impose upon my friends in Great Falls, but we made it to the Midwest.  I regret not taking a few days off before the move but not sure how I would have fit that in.  As it was I was still carrying things out of my office on Friday.

Friday was an extremely tough day.  I sat at my desk debating just sneaking out and avoiding everyone or staying there all day.  Thankfully,  some people weren't around and goodbyes were said earlier or later.

Saturday was nuts, trying to get the U-boxes situated and the right truck to pull them and people to help.  Thankfully, I have some awesome friends that stepped up at the last minute and there was no way we would have got it all done without them.  Q and I did some last minute cleaning/touch up stuff and then we hit the road to get to Billings the first night.  Sadly, Willa is not over her car sickness phase yet.

Sunday we made it to Rapid City and we found some Drammamine for Willa and did the quick 4 hour tour of Reptile Gardens, Bear Country USA and Mount Rushmore.  Then it was back on the road until Sioux Falls.  We rolled into Gardner, KS around 2:30 on Monday, dropped off Q and then headed on over to Knob Noster.  Luckily, no more car sickness.  It was so nice to see B and get out of the car for awhile.

Tuesday, Willa and I cleaned the duplex we are staying in for the next few weeks, because well, I don't think it had been done in a while.  That night we found a new place to rent until we either sell the house in Great Falls or get it rented.  It is a nice place out in the country but I am pretty sure we are also going to have to find a storage unit.

On Thursday we drove to KC to see our bestie Jenny P. since she was flying in to watch her bro graduate from KSU.  We had TRex Cafe with her and her mom, then  headed down to good ole' Parker, KS.  Car sickness came back today sadly.

The next few weeks will continue to be busy since its Memorial Day, Q and Kayliegh's wedding and then our 10 year class reunion, and you know, moving into a new place, and the job hunt.  I am tired already.