Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Purge of Sorts

It’s been a fairly productive few weeks in Operation Get Rid of Stuff. I went through all of Willa’s clothes and sorted the keep for Peeps and the give to Peeps piles, bought totes to store the keep stuff and am attempting to rearrange the storage shed. It was rather funny that I bought 4 totes thinking that would be enough, went back the next day for two more and am fairly certain that now that I have started on the toys we will need 4 more.

The best part was I actually took the 3 bags of clothes to the lady that needed them, returned the play pen to the gal that lent it to us, hauled stuff in for the Relay for Life Silent auction and made a call to see if an organization wanted our desktop computer that we no longer us. Check, check and check.

Since I was on a roll I asked another MK consultant in the office if she would like to have my roller bags for her product. I don’t keep much on hand anymore and it was over half empty and taking up space in the office closet. I typically am not this spontaneous so I figured I had better act while I was agreeable. We have some other stuff I wanted to post on the yard sale page on Facebook, but besides the boat, I am thinking I should just keep donating to get rid of it.

I already feel so much better and there are plenty more things cluttering up our life that could go to new homes. I was organizing Willa’s toys and after thinking on it for while realized she really only plays with her dress up clothes, her babies, puzzles, and her art supplies. There are few other things she plays with randomly but it is very rare for her to get into her “ginormous” toy box to get anything out. I also realized she only has 2 toys that make noise and require batteries. Her laptop and her “cell phone” thing. She has a really good imagination and I don’t think is drawn to that stuff besides her DVD player which we have been trying to cut back on.

There were even some things that I had bought her that she has never played with and despite my attachment to them I put them in a tote. I think what is helping with some things is that I know that if we need them, I can get them back out. The stuff that has gone out the door makes me happy because I know they are going where they will be used. Since I worked at the thrift store, I know some stuff that gets donated doesn’t always make it out to the floor or can take awhile to get there. Going to a specific person, it’s like instant gratification. It would be nice to sell some of it, but time is money and sometimes a bigger headache. I think balance is finally starting to come.

The Parentals are coming soon and I am trying to figure out which projects are going to take priority this time, I am even going to take some days off to enjoy and hopefully be productive. I also think a goal will be to find a project for all the fabric I have and potentially get it all cut. I started piecing some things and cut up a bunch of Willa’s clothes for a blanket, but then going through her clothes last week I added several more pieces so I need to cut again.

Staying motivated….

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Shaping Up.....

To be a busy summer already.  Willa has not lost her enthusiasm for "baseball" and we have gone every week to watch B play.  She has really gotten into it, including yelling at the catcher, "You gotta catch that!" after he dropped an easy pop up.  I truly didn't know whether to high five her or crawl in a whole in case the poor guy heard.  Especially since he is on our team.  Luckily, the rest of the team thought it was hilarious.

Being the troopers we are, we even endured the rain tonight and at the mere mention of those horrid Jayhawks by a teammate, she promptly yelled "Go Wildcats!"  I had my first heart palpitation moment when a foul ball came over the back stop.  We had been sitting in the dugout but Willa was playing in puddles by the bleachers.  Foul ball goes up and in my fastest moments as of late swooped her out of harms way when the ball bounced about 10 feet away.  I then had to shag the ball.  Fun times.

It's crazy how light it stays late into the evening this time of year.  It has really caused a backtrack in our bedtime routine because she doesn't believe it is time for bed even though it's 9 o'clock.  We have a new sprinkler and she just thinks it is grand to run up and hit at it.  I think she is crazy because I hate cold water but B is convinced she is going to be a fish like him.

The hunt for the Bumblebee's replacement is semi-underway....but I am having a hard time letting go and deciding what I want next.  B was being very patient on the search but he has now thrown in the towel and left me on my own.  It is so much to ask that I would like to continue only having to fill up with gas once a month?  I think not.  I am convinced that I will know when I see it (and see the MPG's).

I scored my very own Perry the Platypus shirt this week because I was tired of hearing that "You don't have a Perry shirt, I do.  Dad has one."  Quite honestly, it is cooler and softer than theirs. :p  She still has yet to wear hers, but as I have a new method to getting her dressed in the morning she is only down to the 2 Perry shirts and her Sebastian shirt to choose from and since she can't go to school topless, I will win.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

May's Mayhem begins

Several funny stories I think this week.  A few from the daycare.

One of the babies was crying at school and Willa went over and told the baby, "It's OK baby,mom just went to work, she will be back.  Don't worry."  Apparently some kids have to be reassured and Willa has heard the line several times.

Willa has one freckle on her entire body and it is on her hip bone.  She asks us at home all the time if we have freckles.  I guess a discussion at school started and everyone wanted to see her freckle.  Miss Mandy didn't know what to think when Willa was wanting to show off her freckle which has been dubbed the secret freckle.

I put over 600 miles on my car this week commuting back and forth for a bank exam, proving to myself that we will never live very far from where we work.  I was exhausted by day three and so happy to be back in the office on Friday.  I learned a lot from the guys in Missoula so it wasn't a complete failure, but poor them, they had to hand hold me all week doing some of the procedures.

I met up with a friend from UGF on Sunday.  She has a new longarm quilting machine and offered to quilt the tumbler quilt I pieced.  I ended up piecing the back panel twice because I didn't do the first one big enough.  Luckily, I love the piece so much I don't think I will have a hard time using it up.

On Thursday I told Willa that we were going to the office, then school, then Dad would pick her up and then we would go watch baseball.  She was so excited and chatted on with one of the shareholders at the office.  She was way to chatty for being at the office at 7 am in my opinion (we hate mornings).  When I pulled into the daycare parking lot she started crying.  At first I thought it was because she saw a white truck leaving and thought it was Ms. Mandy's, then I realized she just wanted to go watch baseball.  After some iffyness at the field later that night, B finally played a game and we got to see one full rainbow and a little half rainbow.  Throw in B going to the midnight showing of the Avengers and it was a busy day.

I am working in town next week so hopefully I will get to do some crafty things.