Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Wonderland

So all I keep hearing about is snow and ice, and schools closed.  Blah, Blah, Blah.  It’s freaking cold here and for some reason today just felt extra cold.  I am going to be out and about town on Thursday and next week, but I am really not looking forward to it.  It’s just miserable to have to walk outside.  I am tempted to ask if I can just work from home in my jammies.
Today kicked off the official start date of tax appointments and the way things are looking, I probably won’t be doing returns for a while.  Sad thing is, I am not very motivated right now with the audits I will be working on.  Two of them are the same company just different owners since they sold in the middle of the year.  Their management company is just a pain to deal with and are not cooperating.  Then I have  a cranky client, our personalities just don’t mesh.  I guess I shouldn’t call her cranky, she is just very abrasive, which is good for her job, just not for me.  I am also not very excited to start working weekends again.  I guess the up side, the rest of the office will be working as well.  Not sure how I will swing this weekend since B has guard drill, and it is not good to get started off wrong.  We all have billable budgets and these next few months are when we crank out the hours.  I totally missed my budgets last year and I am determined to stay ahead.
I added it up yesterday and I am 80 hours over my budget because of a very good August.  It is one of the aspects I dislike about my job; keeping track of my hours and managing my productivity rate with the efficiency rate.  Not easy when they basically work against each other.  But my mentor comes back from maternity leave next week, so hopefully she will help me get back on the right track.
Stay warm everyone.

Oh yeah, we got another cake order and I making a diaper cake for a co-worker.  Fun times in craft land.