Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my

Who loves a good procrastination effort? I guess this girl because I am trying to finish up some quilting projects this weekend.  Why I don't know since one shower is tomorrow and one baby is being born on Tuesday. It's not like they will arrive in time anyway.  Nonetheless, one is completed and I have decided to wait for the one baby to be born and find out the gender in case I want to swap out a color.  So I might finish the rag blanket in its place.  I did bring home audit work to do and should really work on that tomorrow.

 We had some little girlies over for a play date this morning. Oh what fun was had.  I hope to try and be more regular on the play dates since it helps keep us from completely bumming around d on the weekends.

How about them Cats! 4-0 in conference play!
Please excuse all typos for the next 45ish days. I am back to only having the tablet.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Wildcat Love

Typically I am a believer in only saying good things about your favorite teams and not bad mouthing others.  However, I have made an exception now that Willa says Ew KU, they're yucky.  It's pretty comical coming from a 3 year old.  She walked by the Squawk Store in the mall in KC and promptly yelled it.  All this while decked in purple.  We didn't teach her this either.  Her loving aunt did in response to her Great-Uncle's love for the blue and red.  She also rocks her Wildcat hand signals like a champ.