Sunday, May 29, 2011

Washed out

The rapture didn't come, but that didn't stop mother nature from keeping us on our toes.  Not only were there tornadoes in the Midwest (it just breaks my heart), but Montana was filled with water.  A bridge even got wiped out.  Fortunately for me, I made it to Billings with my co-worker only to have all but one route back home be closed to water.  Even the interstate was closed in several areas.  We had talked about going somewhere for the holiday weekend, but I am glad we didn't since it is wet everywhere.

I know I always talk about Willa's word explosions, but now it seems we are not just getting new sporadic words, but they are repeated over and over.  The mimicking borders on comical, but that just means the Daddy and I are having to watch our P's & Q's a little more.  We do not want a repeat of last summers daycare convo.

The little Chickster has also developed a wonderful sense in handbags.  I scored a $12 Vera Bradley bag (it's reversible too!) at A Time or Two and the only time she lets me use it is when her stuff is in it.  So now it is a semi-diaper bag.  She also loves her "crays" very much.  We have to watch her pretty closely, since she will color on pretty much anything.

We have gone to a birthday party the last 3 Saturdays and I am pretty sure it just means Willa is not having a party until she is 12.  On the plus side, I now have a list of do's and don'ts for little kid parties.

We are trying to Martha Stewart this week and hopefully one day I can get all of our pictures uploaded because I have been doing some fun things.

Happy Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fresh Herb Mayo

I love a good sandwich but somewhere along the line I got tired of my little brown bag lunches when they contained a sandwich.  Which usually led to me going and grabbing something.  Then I stumbled on to this little recipe and I have ate 2 sandwiches since last night.  Belle ate a half as well.

So simple:
2 cups Mayo
2 Tbls. Dill
2 Tbls. Basil
2 Tbls. Oregano

I halved it to make sure we would like it first.  I also think that is too much Oregano and B tossed in some Cayenne, but overall we are loving it.  Even Willa at a whole half sandwich by herself.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Last week seemed pretty busy it seemed.  I was doing fieldwork for an audit, B started his "new job" and Willa went with the flow.  We learned this week that Willa and I will not be attending any out of town softball tournaments, she is way to busy for me to keep up with her and flying softballs.

Mandi and I created our coolest cake to date we think and I know I have said it before, but now with utmost confidence I can say I have conquered the cake pops!!!  It was pretty grand.

We have enjoyed some pretty nice days as of late and Saturday was a great day for a birthday party.  Willa was totally stoked about the bounce house since she knew how it worked this time.  She had a smile a mile wide as she bounced with the big kids.  Thankfully, she got over being shy and I didn't have to climb into the bounce house this time.

Her daycare moved to a new location today and even though it is different from what we are used to, I think it's going to be just fine.  It will definitely change my shopping habits since now I can make some stops before picking her up instead having to haul her out of the car all the time.

For a Monday, today was very productive for me.  I hope that is a sign of what is to come for our week.

And....a Congrats to our favorite Kay-ee on being valedictorian of her class.  Way to Go Kayleigh!


I had a nice little post about our week yesterday and then the laptop battery died and I lost it all.  I will try to recreate it this evening.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


After 101 posts I am having a hard time typing what is in my head.  It feels like we have had a lot going on lately but I think I am just in decompression mode.  Willa is still spitting out new words everyday (it still amazes me) and expressing interest in potty training.  As much as I thought we were ready for that (& believe me, ditching diapers would be grand) I realized once again I have no idea what I am doing in this parenting business.

I have a to do list a mile long and while it would be nice to crank the whole thing out in the weekend, I have been trying to crack out at least 4 items a day.  Of course I keep adding to it, so its a moving target.  But I have been reading different blogs lately about minimalism and obviously from my previous posts going green.  So despite being on the hunt for a book shelf and two end table drawers, I did NOT go to any garage sales today despite there being some very close.  Instead I want to continue to focus on purging for a while but still keep my eyes peeled for the perfect items that I know I will eventually find.  Patience, I continue to work on it.

We learned several things this week.  1) You can not dye candy melts with icing coloring.  Bad things ensue.  2) Cheese Nips + Milk = Bad business.  Learned that one twice for us to figure out the combo.  3) I can make a car seat mat for my car in under one hour.  However, it makes me want to make more and gift/sell them and want a better sewing machine.

So, 2 things off my list today and it's not even one o'clock.  Maybe I should strive for 6 items today if I get my butt in gear and get all my work done at the office quickly.