Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rough Road

Being a temporary single-parent is tough. Props to those that do it full time. I am not in a profession that is easy to be a single parent. Especially during tax season. Not only am I trying to do our nightly routines alone then I have to squeeze in some tax work after that and now we have added web-camming with Daddy to our evenings. Long nights and even longer days when the Bug wakes up somewhere between 1 and 6. But this to shall pass and Daddy will get a turn. Though I am sure by then she will be sleeping through the night consistently.

I also think we are about to encounter teething. One of our daycare providers (which that was some drama this week too!) thinks she is and I have noticed her chewing and drooling a little more than her normal excess. So off to Wally-world we went tonight to get teething tablets. Who thought it was a great idea to put teething tablets with bath items. I see no relation at all. I think it would be more appropriate with the teething bars and other food items, no?

Any way the Olympics have been on for over a week and I have more love for the DVR than ever. I heart the Olympics and have been speeding through races and watching whatever catches my fancy and all my faves. Go USA.

But off to bed in hopes of stringing together some wonderful ZZZ's.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Sock Monster and Seizures

I have finally figured out where the wee little bitty socks are escaping to in the wash. Footie pajamas are perfect little hidey spots. Two pj's in a row had hidden socks and the Kid looked at me after I freed her monster toes with such glee to have room to wiggle. So I have now learned to check the footies for extra friends.

She has also moved on to fruits in her solids venture. Pears to be precise and she likes them ok. Sweet potatoes still rank supreme for her palette. But man-o-man can she make a mess if she wants. She tries to steal the spoon, the food, the bib, Bosco's ear and anything else she can get her hands on. So comical, especially now that she grips her bottle with such determination.

We also had a bit of a scare last week. Dear Bosco had 2 seizures within 10 minutes of each other which resulted in a quick trip to the vet. Poor guy had to be stuck twice to get enough blood. Luckily, those were the only ones he had and our regular vet thinks we can hold off on any meds unless it becomes a regular occurrence.

The poor dogs are about to lose their luxury since B will be gone for the next 4 months. Packing for the duration and a quick stop in Kansas has been interesting. He is basically covering 3 seasons as I am sure Texas gets warm quicker than it does here. So wish the dogs and I luck as we brave the cold alone. (Anyone care to shovel snow and mow the yard?)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Le Sigh

Tax season has started and I have only opened the tax software twice. Once to dump my own numbers in to get my husband off my back and once to print prior year returns for a co-worker. Definitely not the way I normally start February. I won't go into my workload, but I feel like a take a few steps back each day. The last two days I have planned to finish up some "projects" just to run into messes. Part of the problem is I have never worked on said clients and can't make heads or tails of what happened. But tomorrow is another day and hopefully something will get accomplished.

The young Chickadee had her 4 month appointment two weeks late this week. She is above average in height and weight. We started a few solids in the past few weeks and she loves it! Well.....loves sweet potatoes and oatmeal. Squash and carrots, not so much. Hopefully she is like her daddy and will eat anything and not be picky like me. She has totally been working on her sitting lately and can hold herself up for a few seconds. Once she get off balance though she weeble wobbles like crazy.

Her and I are about to venture into single parenthood for a few months while B is off to training. I am already a little stressed about working enough hours to keep up and balance being a good mom and studying for the exam. I know it's going to be difficult, but we will get through it. My mom is coming out the week I am going out of town, so that should be fun for them two.

Well, this turned into a little bit of a venting post, but it is Friday eve and Super Bowl weekend.

Go Colts!