Monday, January 25, 2010

Who knew?

That trying to learn to study would be this hard! I will be the first to admit I never learned to study. I would cram and memorize in the days or night leading up to a test in high school and most of my exams in college were take home or those that could be crammed for. The drawback of being a "smart kid" is don't have learn to study, you study to the test. Because believe me I worked hard in math and science.

Well studying for the CPA exam has been biting me in the butt for a while. But I think I am getting better, and I really do know more than I think I do. I am even able to explain myself. Now if I could just stop second guessing my answers and actually understand the academic way "they" write the exam I would be in good shape.

In Bug news, we have started cereal. Wasn't to fond of rice, but the oatmeal is a hit. Tonight was the first night that she really got into it. I even made her less of serving because she had been wasting it, but tonight she ate it all up with a vengeance. She might have been showing off for her Grammy though.

We had a slight hiccup with daycare last week, but I think we are back to good. She had a wonderful day and enjoyed her excursion to Wally world after work.

My link to my video is finally working! Yay!

Have a great week and way to go SAINTS!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How about them Cats!

What a way to start off the week! A win over the #1 Texas Longhorns at home. What a great game and I hope the momentum keeps up throughout conference play. Way to go K-State. There are little boys in Montana that know how to Wabash now. I am so proud.

My kid is hilarious. She has learned to fake cough and now only smiles when her dad says mama. He is convinced that if he teaches her my name first that is what she will cry out for in the night. However, at the rate we are going sleep is getting longer each night for her. For me, I still get up or wake B to check on her. She is finally ok sleeping on her tummy and I think she has the makings of a contortionist. I really haven't figured out how she sleeps in those positions.

Daycare has really helped us get into a better schedule. We did pretty good before she was going but now she is more into it. We play every night and sometimes she gets to "talk" to her grammy and grampy Ford and even her Uncle Q occasionally. She is so funny to watch on the webcam. The other night she kept ignoring my mom. I would turn around to make her look and she would just look the other way. I just had to laugh.
I finally got around to uploading some pictures and found a video on my camera. Don't know if you will be able to hear it, but you'll get the idea. Well, if it works. ugh, I'll figure this out one day.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First day success!

As far as we know. Poor girl, came home, had a bottle, played with us for a little while, and crashed before 8. Which probably means she will be up early in the morning ready to play while I am still in a sleeping slumber. She was in such a good mood this morning and when I picked her up from daycare. She went back to the office with me to finish up some things and she was so happy to see her Godmommy and a few other people.

I have also found one of the best reasons a left-handed person and a right-handed person should marry each other. It's perfect for having a newborn. You see, books will tell you that you should rotate which way you lay your baby in the crib and on the changing table, and when feeding them, and when playing. It helps develop eye muscles and neck muscles equally. When you are opposite handed, it happens naturally. Me being the lefty, I carry her in my right arm and do everything with my left. B on the other hand (pun intended) carries her in his left. Automatically, we are rotating her without even trying. That's right, our kid is going to be a genius all because of this. ;)

Otherwise, B started classes today and I start my class tomorrow. I feel like I have loads to do at work but that it's not getting finished. Most of that is my fault, some of it is just plain boring to finish or I have been waiting on others to do their part. Tax season is pretty much upon us and I have a 15 minute presentation on dependents on Friday. I turned in my materials, but I should probably make sure I understand it all.

Plus, we just started the EA sports Active on the Wii and it's pretty intense for a non-exerciser like me. I am more of a team sport/activity person. We are doing the 30 day program and luckily tonight was a rest day. Although, days 1 & 2, I slept well, woke up less tired and didn't feel as groggy during the day. So maybe there really is something to it. We like it better than the Wii fit exercise wise, but the wii fit is more fun for the games.

Anywhoo, to bed I said.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

The Kid has been trying to roll from her back to her belly for about a week, and starting Friday night she reached her goal. Over and Over and Over. She is very proud of herself when she does this (and so are we), there is just one little problem. She hates being on her tummy! She can roll from tummy to back, she just refuses to. So she cries until we flip her back over. That is really not the problem though. She rolls over in her sleep and then freaks out. I lost count of the number of times I got up last night to flip her over and calm her down. She just gets so mad.

I hope it's just a phase because I was really enjoying my sleep as of late. Otherwise, I really don't know what to do about it. Plus, we are now in a crib dilemma due to this. We decided early on we weren't going to get bumpers because of the SIDS risk. Now that she is mobile I am considering the breathable bumpers so she doesn't get her legs and arms caught in the spaces. I mean does the risk of broken bones trump SIDS risks?

She and I survived our girls weekend just fine. Actually B, was home by three each day, so really it was just part days. He did ruin our plans of renting a chick flick and lounging in our pj's though.

Today we set out on our Target adventure. I just heart Target and it's a good thing Great Falls' Target is not that great or I would be spending so much more money all the time. I was hoping to try out the cart/high chair/tummy time cover today since she has been to doing such a good job sitting up. Plus, I know she really enjoys watching people and looking around (what can I say, she is just like her grandmother). So I got it out and packed my new diaper bag and off we went, the whole two blocks. She totally fell asleep! Plan B: put her car seat in the cart and figure out how to carry around our purchases.

So we checked out the baby department and scored a super cute swim suit for her. Hopefully, she gets a chance to use it. We strolled around the Sam's/Costco department where they have bulk items right now and got some great deals on soap and B's body wash. Then we were on the hunt for size 2 diapers. Even barely has them and apparently everyone in GF with a baby is after them too. We finally found some Huggies and grabbed some of the Up & Up variety to check out. I am not sure about them yet, they almost feel like cement when they get wet. We may just have to use them during the day for a while.
In the two hours it has taken me to write this post, she has rolled over at least 10 times and is just not ready to go to bed. Hopefully, this isn't a sign of the week to come.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Single Parenthood

Willa and I will be all by our lonesomes this weekend. B has is first guard weekend. It's interesting b/c I have never spent the whole day with her by myself. In the beginning, I was alone while B went to class but that was only for a few hours. He on the other hand has spent many a-days with her. I know we will be fine, but it's crazy to me. I am so used to us being a team doing things. He is such a hands-on, involved dad that I am sure she will miss him too.

Hopefully though we get a few things done. I brought home some work that I have to get done and we have to get ready for daycare on Wednesday. I don't want to overload the daycare with supplies but I don't want to have to bring them in all the time either. I am sure we will get it figured out and it helps knowing some kids that go there too.

The little chick is so funny. She really doesn't like tummy time, so she only semi rolls over from her back. Hopefully I will get some pictures up this weekend of her doing it. And she just laughs and talks now.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Prices, prices, prices

The DirecTV website annoys me. It is super slow, I tried it at home and at work. No difference. All I want to do is compare the channels for each package. Does it let me do that? No. Tells me all about how to pay online and upgrade packages though.

I am also in sticker shock over the price of daycare. I had a number in my head and that number came from a friend and we were both way off. It's almost crazy the difference between a toddler and an infant in prices. B thinks she should go into the child care profession if this the computer business goes under. I won't complain to much because really can you put a price tag on your child's well being? However, I did come home and crunch some numbers again (but that is what I do so really it makes sense). B threw in his $.02 and I am over it for the minute. But yowza, people complain about the price of health care, childcare could cover a mortgage. Really though, at least she will get to wear more of her cute outfits.

My workload is starting to pick up again. While I was on maternity leave most of the jobs I worked on were still being done. That meant when I came back, other people were finishing them up. But tax season is upon us, with a few audits thrown into the mix. I am looking forward to it with a sense of excitement and dread all in one. Luckily this year we will be able to work from home a little better so I can increase my billable hours and not have to be at the office for hours on end.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Father of the Bride

I haven't quite had the George Banks meltdown when he starts removing hot dog buns from the package so he has an even number of buns to dogs, but the baby industry has me baffled. You can buy bottles in packages of three, the bottle rack only holds 8 and the faster flow nipple packages are sold in two packs. So maybe it's the accountant in me, but it just doesn't make any sense. I always seem to be one off. Oh well, we bought the bigger 9 oz. bottles this week. Not really because she is drinking that much, but the smaller were ones were getting hard to mix. So unless daycare needs more bottles I think I am done buying them for a while.

Speaking of daycare, we have an interview tomorrow with one. I am a little nervous/excited all in one. My work-spouse's kids go there so I have been a few times. They actually enjoy going and I figure kids are as honest as you can get. If they give it the thumbs up I just need to check out the details. B begins the new semester next week, so I am cutting it a wee bit close working out those details. I am also partaking in some extra-curricular activities this semester. So co-workers and I are taking the CPA review course at UGF. I haven't successfully passed all four parts yet and I figured the accountability of a non-self propelled review course couldn't help. I always do better with a little peer pressure and competition.

The kid had quite the day. She successfully put her binky in her mouth by herself. B said it was pretty funny watching her figure it out. She also "yelled" at her frog for part of the day. It is so neat to watch her find her voice and try out all the inflections and pitches. I just giggle right along with her. She also spit up on me while I was home for lunch. Luckily for me, we were at home so I could change. It was my own fault really. I thought she was done burping after she ate, so I stuck some saline up her nose. She really didn't appreciate it and let me know.

In more fun news: the new diaper bag arrived today. My sister got us one at our shower and I have a few totes that we use and I like them all. I just figured you can't have enough handbags and this one supports March of Dimes. It's a JP Lizzy and I think it's great! Mine is in a rust color though, and has a yellow polka-dot pattern.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The first of many nights I am sure

I like to consider myself a pretty chill mom with a pretty chill baby. With that being said, I might have shown myself to be a nervous, first-time mom last night. Since we arrived back in Montana B and W have been sick. He has an ear infection and she is just a little congested. We've propped up the crib mattress to help with her drainage but she seems to cough still. So last night as I waited for her to wake up for her last bottle I decided to take her temperature. 96.8! Wow, that can't be right, so I opened another thermometer and tried again. 96.8! I quickly debated trying to shove the pacifier thermometer in her mouth, but knew she wouldn't hear of it. So in my head (which is where I usually talk to myself, so people won't think I am crazy) I say well either we have two bogus thermometers or she is like me. I have what I think is an unusually low base temperature which was confirmed while I was in the hospital as many nurses kept re-checking it. But anyway in B's sleeping slumber, he told me basically to go to bed, she must be 96.8.

But did I listen? Of course not. I decided that she would probably sleep much better propped up in my arms after her bottle. So from 10-12 last night I held her and watched GAC. She still coughed and I couldn't get comfortable in the recliner. Laid her back down and didn't hear a peep until 6 am. Me? I was exhausted and had to convince B to let me sleep in for a while this morning.

Now Mom, I know when you read this your are going to call and ask me if she needs to go to the Dr. The answer is no. She isn't running a fever, she is eating, sleeping, and pooping on schedule. Nothing they can do.

Moral of the story: She is fine, and I might have worried a little to much. 2 thermometers with a debate on a third. Yeah, that's me.

So this morning my multi-tasking diva decided she could chew on her teether and play with her ball at the same time. Rather comical!

Plus my little sickies say, "Beat the Broncos!"

New Year, New thoughts

So I decided to join the world of blogging for a number of reasons. A few of my good friends do and I want to be cool like them and mostly because I read Dear Abby. You see, I have read Dear Abby since I began reading the FYI section of the KC Star many, many years ago and occasionally there is a letter that makes me go aha! Well this recent letter talked about finding their parents' letters to each other during WWII and what they should do with them. Now, I have dabbled with diaries and journals over the years but am not very good with them. With all the technology today most "letters" get deleted. I also heard there is a way to preserve blogs in a printed book, and I thought how cool would that be to save all your posts. I have saved all the letters between B and I while he was in basic and tech school and it really is neat to go back and recall what was going on in my first semester at K-State.

So here I am folks! I won't promise to post daily and I probably will ramble more than most. I hope it will be fun.