Friday, March 29, 2013

The Week In Review

So as we frantically finished cleaning, purging and packing, Sunday was our open house.  We didn't even have our shoes on before the first people arrived.  So we spent the next couple of hours at the bounce house place, the park and getting groceries.  Pretty good feedback, but no takers.

We had more showings during the week including a repeat, plus some other interest, so we are hopeful there will be some activity soon.  The bright side of being transferred at this time is it is a good time to be selling a house.

I learned a valuable lesson in closing cabinet doors at work this week.  I was on the phone with our lawyer getting a power of attorney taken care of and I was reaching for something out of the cabinet.  Talked to her a few more minutes and hopped up to scan something.  Cracked my head right into the handle of the door.  My work spouse said it was so loud she thought the cabinet fell.  Needless to say, its sore and I felt like a dork.

Murphy's Law has also been hard at work around this house.  It feels like it is revolting against being sold.  So we deal, one day, one dollar at a time.

Easter Party at School was yesterday.  I missed the  hunt but B said Willa was only interested for a couple of minutes before she was done having to pick up eggs.  She still had plenty of sugary goodies so she was happy.  We have been enjoying the day off from work and school today.  Slept in (kinda, I got up to deal with a Murphy happening), getting groceries, and eating fake cupcakes have topped it off.

Weekend will be a busy one as we have to pick Poppy up from the airport, load the U-haul and send off the first round of the move to Missouri.  Our realtor has already said, since we will be busy and he will be out of town we will probably have a lot of calls to show the house.  Fingers crossed one will be "the One."

Happy Easter All!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


After the Montana wind finally destroyed our poor gate a few weekends ago, it was fixed on Friday.  It ended up being quite the undertaking to find someone that could get to it quickly.  Don't get me wrong, I am very happy things are picking up for these handymen, but dang, I just needed the gate fixed.  Handyman B was able to handle replacing some of the posts that needed fixing so now all our gate issues are complete.

Painting has been going well until one runs out of paint and then the temperature drops.  Once the remaining half of my room gets painted we will be in business.  Hopefully the house will get on the market this week and we get a big bite.  It will be a big relief knowing it is going to sell and we can begin to look in MO.

Willa has been a trooper as I have boxed up the house around her or sold things.  Other than a few toys and a pair of sweatpants that she flipped out about, it has gone well.  I have sold almost $300 worth of stuff and donated a ton.  So glad I started the decluttering awhile back and wish had done more.  It sucks to think how much we have spent on some things that have gone back out the door.  I also know we will be able to purge some more things even after we get there because I know on at least one day when I was on a packing spree I was more packing thoughtlessly than purging.

Haven't quite figured out what the best move plan is yet because...well my depth perception sucks, so I really don't know how much stuff we have, plus all the furniture and washer and dryer.  Once we get the garage situated though, I hope we have a better handle on it.

Willa has been a hoot lately.  Having her dad back home means she has stepped up her funny game.  Get those two on a roll and they just think they are a little duo of funny.  And the poor dogs are always happy to get a break from the pestering.  Bosco learned last night that having a girl owner means you get to dress up to play wedding even when you are a boy dog.  She got a balloon at a birthday party and that was his main accessory.

We have been staying pretty busy just trying to get things situated and figured out.  It still seems like everything is happening in such a blur.

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Monday Funny

This is an old story, but B and I remembered it last night (That's right, this go-round of solo-parenting is OVER)!

Anyway, we were laying in bed trying to decide what movie to watch and I rattled off all the movies that I have migrated to the dresser so I can fall asleep.  The Potters, all the Marvel movies, Gone With the Wind, The Devil Wears Prada and several Disney ones that Willa has......B asked me if I was sure about the Devil Wears Prada.....

You see, several months ago when we still had Starz or something premium, I was getting ready for bed and planned on reading awhile.  I don't do quiet well, so I was looking for something for background noise.  Cruising along, I see the The Devil Wears Prada is on and hit select.  I am reading my book minding my own business when I start hearing things that I know are definitely not from The Devil Wears Prada.  I was totally confused until I hit Info and realized I had selected The Devil Wears NADA!!!

We laughed for days and obviously are still laughing. 

Hope everyone has a Great Week.