Saturday, December 22, 2012

48 hours

Its amazing all that can happen and be done in 48 hours.  We have traveled over 1300 miles, seen over 100 family members, found lost presents, wrapped 11 boxes and not slept much.  But I think we have had some fun catching up with everyone.  I am however, at my wall.  Hoping to take some down time while the men-folk go to the Chiefs game tomorrow, otherwise it might be a long week.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

& It Goes On and On and On

The Earring saga that is.  B and Willa found the missing earring and then I couldn't remember where I put the other one.  Finally last night the pair were reunited but I think we need to go buy some new backs so that one won't keep falling out.

Our Christmas shopping is all done and the first round of boxes has been shipped.  Now to just decide if I should pack up the rest in our suitcases or mail some more.  I think I am going with a combo since we need to buy a new suitcase anyway.

I went on a purging cleaning spree last night and de-cluttered over 50 items.  Most of them were in my closest but I typically get a good jump start there.  I have a ton of stuff in our office that I had already culled and I am committed to getting it all donated this week.  I had planned on trying to sell some of it, but have decided it is not worth the hassle.  I also cleaned out Willa's drawers to get out all the too small stuff and plan on sending it over to my friend for her new daughter.  It is so nice that we have someone to pass things off to right away.  Now to just decide what to do with the 3 totes of stuff in the shed.

I am so excited this is the last week B is on nights.  I try to go to sleep before he gets home but typically am still is some stage of awake-ness. It has made getting up in the morning so hard lately.

We have started a new de-stressing program at work and since I am leading it I have been trying to lead by example and try out the techniques.  Not real sure where my stress levels are but I am learning how to relax my body and breath better.

Hard to believe 2012 is almost over.  The days just keep flying by.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Earring Debacle

A few weeks ago after Willa got her ears' pierced she lost an earring while she was sleeping.  I found the earring but not the back so I was able to torture her and put it back in before it closed.  Since the back didn't quite fit I was always pinching it back closed so it wouldn't fall off.

Friday night I realized she had lost it again and B wasn't sure if she had it before daycare or if she may have lost it there.  I started searching her bed and found the original back but not the earring.  Oh the irony.  It looked like it had probably been out all day so I took the post from the good ear and put it in the closed one and then put in one of her new earrings from Hawaii on the left.  A few minutes later I looked down and there was the earring!!!

On Saturday we headed to a play date and while there I discovered the original offending earring was missing.  So I momprovised and took an earring out of my own ear and put it in hers.  Probably not the most hygienic thing to do, I know.  We are one week from being able to take them out, so I am not sure if I should leave her mismatched or go ahead and change them out  completely because they aren't quite completely healed.