Monday, January 25, 2010

Who knew?

That trying to learn to study would be this hard! I will be the first to admit I never learned to study. I would cram and memorize in the days or night leading up to a test in high school and most of my exams in college were take home or those that could be crammed for. The drawback of being a "smart kid" is don't have learn to study, you study to the test. Because believe me I worked hard in math and science.

Well studying for the CPA exam has been biting me in the butt for a while. But I think I am getting better, and I really do know more than I think I do. I am even able to explain myself. Now if I could just stop second guessing my answers and actually understand the academic way "they" write the exam I would be in good shape.

In Bug news, we have started cereal. Wasn't to fond of rice, but the oatmeal is a hit. Tonight was the first night that she really got into it. I even made her less of serving because she had been wasting it, but tonight she ate it all up with a vengeance. She might have been showing off for her Grammy though.

We had a slight hiccup with daycare last week, but I think we are back to good. She had a wonderful day and enjoyed her excursion to Wally world after work.

My link to my video is finally working! Yay!

Have a great week and way to go SAINTS!