Sunday, January 3, 2010

The first of many nights I am sure

I like to consider myself a pretty chill mom with a pretty chill baby. With that being said, I might have shown myself to be a nervous, first-time mom last night. Since we arrived back in Montana B and W have been sick. He has an ear infection and she is just a little congested. We've propped up the crib mattress to help with her drainage but she seems to cough still. So last night as I waited for her to wake up for her last bottle I decided to take her temperature. 96.8! Wow, that can't be right, so I opened another thermometer and tried again. 96.8! I quickly debated trying to shove the pacifier thermometer in her mouth, but knew she wouldn't hear of it. So in my head (which is where I usually talk to myself, so people won't think I am crazy) I say well either we have two bogus thermometers or she is like me. I have what I think is an unusually low base temperature which was confirmed while I was in the hospital as many nurses kept re-checking it. But anyway in B's sleeping slumber, he told me basically to go to bed, she must be 96.8.

But did I listen? Of course not. I decided that she would probably sleep much better propped up in my arms after her bottle. So from 10-12 last night I held her and watched GAC. She still coughed and I couldn't get comfortable in the recliner. Laid her back down and didn't hear a peep until 6 am. Me? I was exhausted and had to convince B to let me sleep in for a while this morning.

Now Mom, I know when you read this your are going to call and ask me if she needs to go to the Dr. The answer is no. She isn't running a fever, she is eating, sleeping, and pooping on schedule. Nothing they can do.

Moral of the story: She is fine, and I might have worried a little to much. 2 thermometers with a debate on a third. Yeah, that's me.

So this morning my multi-tasking diva decided she could chew on her teether and play with her ball at the same time. Rather comical!

Plus my little sickies say, "Beat the Broncos!"