Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New thoughts

So I decided to join the world of blogging for a number of reasons. A few of my good friends do and I want to be cool like them and mostly because I read Dear Abby. You see, I have read Dear Abby since I began reading the FYI section of the KC Star many, many years ago and occasionally there is a letter that makes me go aha! Well this recent letter talked about finding their parents' letters to each other during WWII and what they should do with them. Now, I have dabbled with diaries and journals over the years but am not very good with them. With all the technology today most "letters" get deleted. I also heard there is a way to preserve blogs in a printed book, and I thought how cool would that be to save all your posts. I have saved all the letters between B and I while he was in basic and tech school and it really is neat to go back and recall what was going on in my first semester at K-State.

So here I am folks! I won't promise to post daily and I probably will ramble more than most. I hope it will be fun.