Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

The Kid has been trying to roll from her back to her belly for about a week, and starting Friday night she reached her goal. Over and Over and Over. She is very proud of herself when she does this (and so are we), there is just one little problem. She hates being on her tummy! She can roll from tummy to back, she just refuses to. So she cries until we flip her back over. That is really not the problem though. She rolls over in her sleep and then freaks out. I lost count of the number of times I got up last night to flip her over and calm her down. She just gets so mad.

I hope it's just a phase because I was really enjoying my sleep as of late. Otherwise, I really don't know what to do about it. Plus, we are now in a crib dilemma due to this. We decided early on we weren't going to get bumpers because of the SIDS risk. Now that she is mobile I am considering the breathable bumpers so she doesn't get her legs and arms caught in the spaces. I mean does the risk of broken bones trump SIDS risks?

She and I survived our girls weekend just fine. Actually B, was home by three each day, so really it was just part days. He did ruin our plans of renting a chick flick and lounging in our pj's though.

Today we set out on our Target adventure. I just heart Target and it's a good thing Great Falls' Target is not that great or I would be spending so much more money all the time. I was hoping to try out the cart/high chair/tummy time cover today since she has been to doing such a good job sitting up. Plus, I know she really enjoys watching people and looking around (what can I say, she is just like her grandmother). So I got it out and packed my new diaper bag and off we went, the whole two blocks. She totally fell asleep! Plan B: put her car seat in the cart and figure out how to carry around our purchases.

So we checked out the baby department and scored a super cute swim suit for her. Hopefully, she gets a chance to use it. We strolled around the Sam's/Costco department where they have bulk items right now and got some great deals on soap and B's body wash. Then we were on the hunt for size 2 diapers. Even barely has them and apparently everyone in GF with a baby is after them too. We finally found some Huggies and grabbed some of the Up & Up variety to check out. I am not sure about them yet, they almost feel like cement when they get wet. We may just have to use them during the day for a while.
In the two hours it has taken me to write this post, she has rolled over at least 10 times and is just not ready to go to bed. Hopefully, this isn't a sign of the week to come.