Monday, January 4, 2010

Father of the Bride

I haven't quite had the George Banks meltdown when he starts removing hot dog buns from the package so he has an even number of buns to dogs, but the baby industry has me baffled. You can buy bottles in packages of three, the bottle rack only holds 8 and the faster flow nipple packages are sold in two packs. So maybe it's the accountant in me, but it just doesn't make any sense. I always seem to be one off. Oh well, we bought the bigger 9 oz. bottles this week. Not really because she is drinking that much, but the smaller were ones were getting hard to mix. So unless daycare needs more bottles I think I am done buying them for a while.

Speaking of daycare, we have an interview tomorrow with one. I am a little nervous/excited all in one. My work-spouse's kids go there so I have been a few times. They actually enjoy going and I figure kids are as honest as you can get. If they give it the thumbs up I just need to check out the details. B begins the new semester next week, so I am cutting it a wee bit close working out those details. I am also partaking in some extra-curricular activities this semester. So co-workers and I are taking the CPA review course at UGF. I haven't successfully passed all four parts yet and I figured the accountability of a non-self propelled review course couldn't help. I always do better with a little peer pressure and competition.

The kid had quite the day. She successfully put her binky in her mouth by herself. B said it was pretty funny watching her figure it out. She also "yelled" at her frog for part of the day. It is so neat to watch her find her voice and try out all the inflections and pitches. I just giggle right along with her. She also spit up on me while I was home for lunch. Luckily for me, we were at home so I could change. It was my own fault really. I thought she was done burping after she ate, so I stuck some saline up her nose. She really didn't appreciate it and let me know.

In more fun news: the new diaper bag arrived today. My sister got us one at our shower and I have a few totes that we use and I like them all. I just figured you can't have enough handbags and this one supports March of Dimes. It's a JP Lizzy and I think it's great! Mine is in a rust color though, and has a yellow polka-dot pattern.