Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First day success!

As far as we know. Poor girl, came home, had a bottle, played with us for a little while, and crashed before 8. Which probably means she will be up early in the morning ready to play while I am still in a sleeping slumber. She was in such a good mood this morning and when I picked her up from daycare. She went back to the office with me to finish up some things and she was so happy to see her Godmommy and a few other people.

I have also found one of the best reasons a left-handed person and a right-handed person should marry each other. It's perfect for having a newborn. You see, books will tell you that you should rotate which way you lay your baby in the crib and on the changing table, and when feeding them, and when playing. It helps develop eye muscles and neck muscles equally. When you are opposite handed, it happens naturally. Me being the lefty, I carry her in my right arm and do everything with my left. B on the other hand (pun intended) carries her in his left. Automatically, we are rotating her without even trying. That's right, our kid is going to be a genius all because of this. ;)

Otherwise, B started classes today and I start my class tomorrow. I feel like I have loads to do at work but that it's not getting finished. Most of that is my fault, some of it is just plain boring to finish or I have been waiting on others to do their part. Tax season is pretty much upon us and I have a 15 minute presentation on dependents on Friday. I turned in my materials, but I should probably make sure I understand it all.

Plus, we just started the EA sports Active on the Wii and it's pretty intense for a non-exerciser like me. I am more of a team sport/activity person. We are doing the 30 day program and luckily tonight was a rest day. Although, days 1 & 2, I slept well, woke up less tired and didn't feel as groggy during the day. So maybe there really is something to it. We like it better than the Wii fit exercise wise, but the wii fit is more fun for the games.

Anywhoo, to bed I said.