Friday, January 8, 2010

Single Parenthood

Willa and I will be all by our lonesomes this weekend. B has is first guard weekend. It's interesting b/c I have never spent the whole day with her by myself. In the beginning, I was alone while B went to class but that was only for a few hours. He on the other hand has spent many a-days with her. I know we will be fine, but it's crazy to me. I am so used to us being a team doing things. He is such a hands-on, involved dad that I am sure she will miss him too.

Hopefully though we get a few things done. I brought home some work that I have to get done and we have to get ready for daycare on Wednesday. I don't want to overload the daycare with supplies but I don't want to have to bring them in all the time either. I am sure we will get it figured out and it helps knowing some kids that go there too.

The little chick is so funny. She really doesn't like tummy time, so she only semi rolls over from her back. Hopefully I will get some pictures up this weekend of her doing it. And she just laughs and talks now.