Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Prices, prices, prices

The DirecTV website annoys me. It is super slow, I tried it at home and at work. No difference. All I want to do is compare the channels for each package. Does it let me do that? No. Tells me all about how to pay online and upgrade packages though.

I am also in sticker shock over the price of daycare. I had a number in my head and that number came from a friend and we were both way off. It's almost crazy the difference between a toddler and an infant in prices. B thinks she should go into the child care profession if this the computer business goes under. I won't complain to much because really can you put a price tag on your child's well being? However, I did come home and crunch some numbers again (but that is what I do so really it makes sense). B threw in his $.02 and I am over it for the minute. But yowza, people complain about the price of health care, childcare could cover a mortgage. Really though, at least she will get to wear more of her cute outfits.

My workload is starting to pick up again. While I was on maternity leave most of the jobs I worked on were still being done. That meant when I came back, other people were finishing them up. But tax season is upon us, with a few audits thrown into the mix. I am looking forward to it with a sense of excitement and dread all in one. Luckily this year we will be able to work from home a little better so I can increase my billable hours and not have to be at the office for hours on end.


Liz and Brian Busch said...

uh, yeah. daycare is a BITCH. combine that w/ the fact that i took a paycut right before audrey was born for a less stressful/less travel-filled job, and i am NOT enjoying our new financial situation!