Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How about them Cats!

What a way to start off the week! A win over the #1 Texas Longhorns at home. What a great game and I hope the momentum keeps up throughout conference play. Way to go K-State. There are little boys in Montana that know how to Wabash now. I am so proud.

My kid is hilarious. She has learned to fake cough and now only smiles when her dad says mama. He is convinced that if he teaches her my name first that is what she will cry out for in the night. However, at the rate we are going sleep is getting longer each night for her. For me, I still get up or wake B to check on her. She is finally ok sleeping on her tummy and I think she has the makings of a contortionist. I really haven't figured out how she sleeps in those positions.

Daycare has really helped us get into a better schedule. We did pretty good before she was going but now she is more into it. We play every night and sometimes she gets to "talk" to her grammy and grampy Ford and even her Uncle Q occasionally. She is so funny to watch on the webcam. The other night she kept ignoring my mom. I would turn around to make her look and she would just look the other way. I just had to laugh.
I finally got around to uploading some pictures and found a video on my camera. Don't know if you will be able to hear it, but you'll get the idea. Well, if it works. ugh, I'll figure this out one day.