Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So this morning The Kid and I were going about our business getting ready for the day when it happened. I was buckling her into her car seat and I clipped her lip in the chest belt. I knew something happened when it clicked but until she started screaming bloody murder did I know what I did. Her poor little lip bled a little and I felt so bad. She was happy to play with some toys on our ride to daycare so I don't think I scarred her for life.

Ironically, her dad did the exact same thing when he picked her up from daycare! It was just not her day.

The daycare's latest newsletter came out and any child over the age of one needs supplies for the upcoming "school" year. I have to find out if she qualifies since she turns one in THREE WEEKS!!! I just can't believe it. It feels like yesterday that we were just bringing her home. It is incredible how fast this year has gone and it just amazes me how quickly these little ones develop and grow, that in the grand schemes of things, is really such a short amount of time. I feel like these last six years have just flown by me.

I was thinking about high school this morning as I got ready for work and couldn't decide if I missed it or not. I am leaning more towards not. At least until I went to pay bills tonight. That part of life is depressing, but such it is and it is a part of being in society. Still no fun to see it going out.

Pure craziness is what life is, but I am not sure I would have it any other way. At least today anyway.