Sunday, August 22, 2010

Golf Cake

The work-spouse and I used one of our last half-day Fridays to create this for our co-workers new husband. Quite frankly, this one was tougher than the cheeseburger cake because we had to actually be creative! We learned a few things on this cake and I got to break out my marshmallow fondant, which I think the "water" turned out pretty awesome. Mandi did the carving and piping and she is getting so good at it. We only used two cakes on this one and really tried to make it look like the terrain on a golf course. We have another order for a baby bottom cake in September, the weekend before the Kid's b-day so we are going to be in all out cake mode.

The cake was a hit, and we had fun doing it. If we were to do another one like this, there are things we would change, but we think it looked in the end. I don't have the final pictures because Mandi tweaked things a little after I left. We just hope it tastes as good as it looked.