Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catching up

Well, the trip to Missoula didn't go to bad. She only cried the last 30 miles until we broke out the laptop and turned on some Lady A. I keep telling you it's her drug. She was ready to party once we got to the hotel after being cooped up in the car. It rained most of the night and morning and the prospect of a beautiful picnic was going down the drain. Which is precisely what happened at last years picnic when the skies opened and dumped gallons of water on us.

Luckily for all of us, the skies cleared and we enjoyed a lovely day of water gun fights, a balloon toss, Famous Dave's BBQ and a pinata for the kiddos. I was in charge of this and as the kids were pulling the ribbons the bull was decapitated. I was mortified but the kids sure enjoyed the candy. We left right around nap time and she slept most of the way home with only a short intervention courtesy of....Lady A!

I forgot to mention last week one of the best $20 I have ever spent. I finally joined the real world and bought an MP3 player. It doubles as a radio and since I am out of the office, I don't have to sit in silence by myself anymore. I love it and need a free night so I can craft a cute little coozie for as I carry it around in my bag.

My work spouse and I have another cake order to do this weekend and got another call today to do a baby shower cake in September. We are very excited to see how they turn out and hope everyone likes them.

I booked my flight for the wedding in October and I know I have much to do before it gets here. It seems like the days just keep flying by.

The Kid is taking steps like nobody's business. We are pretty sure any day now that crawling will be a thing of the past. Friday night two more top teeth broke through so we are finally back to quiet nights now that she is not in pain. If you are keeping count, that is 4 on top and 2 on bottom. I love her little smile now that she has teeth, she likes to show them off.