Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pasta and a bruise

I am pretty sure a semi-black eye at 10 months old is not going to win me any mother of the year awards, but what can you do. She was playing so good in her room by herself and I was just letting her do her thing. One of the convertible car seats is in there and she whacked herself with a metal buckle. Nothing to bad, but probably something I should have baby-proofed. But she really has started being more independent during play time. She just goes into her room or corner in the living room and plays away. She used to only do this when it was time for bed.

Tonight we shared some garlic shells and alfredo and I am pretty sure it is her favorite meal. She ate almost as much as I did. It was pretty funny watching her too. She would stick her finger on the shell so it would stick and then put her finger in her mouth. Pretty good coordination if I do say so myself. Anything that wouldn't stick she tried to shove in her mouth, though several pieces fell onto her shirt or down to the patiently waiting dogs.

Sleeping has turned into another battle, which usually takes place around 3 am. I think she has another tooth coming in and the poor girl is in pain. She slept in until 7:30 this morning and was not happy to be woken up. Don't blame the girl, I am definitely not a morning person either.

It's Shark Week on Discovery which means our DVR is working in full force! So far of the two I have watched one guy drove me nuts. Interesting topic, horrible host.

I am so ready to start making Christmas gifts and I have so many ideas. Now I just need to go buy materials and find some quality time to put it all together. Hopefully everyone likes what I have in mind.


Liz said...

OH if you only knew how many times audrey bumps her head a week! i should probably not admit that in a public forum!

we had this delicious garlic penne chicken for dinner the other night and i swear, i think it was audrey's favorite meal. babies love garlic? it is so easy if you want the recipe!

lmoylan said...

Yes, please share. I'll remind you on FB too.