Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whatta Wednesday

Well, I guess it really started on Tuesday.....

I took my ill-fitting bridesmaid dress to get altered and at first was told just to order a new dress. Not just one size up, put 4. Luckily she changed her mind, and for me being short finally came in handy. With the amount that has to be hemmed, she thinks she will be able to add inches to the bust. Also a first for me....fitting the top is usually not a problem. Then it continued....

So I finally got the part I needed for my new sewing machine and I got the office all cleaned up, organized, and ready to get started. I was halfway down my first row and broke the needle and possibly busted the new piece. Hopefully, I just need somebody that knows what they are doing to rectify my mistake.

Wednesday brought us another demotion in my bid for mother of the year (MOY). Totally forgot it was picture day at daycare. Because of the Kid's general kid messiness, lately I have slacked in the her always being at the top of her fashion game. Today was one of those days and she was her usual wild-haired woman. Of course she had no spare clothes in her cubby (another MOY deduction). It used to be I had to go get clothes out of her cubby because they seemed to stockpile in there and then I would be looking for her cute outfits. I also forgot that today was the end of summer party. Thought that was tomorrow. Later on, I find out there are picture packets in which I was supposed to prepay for what I wanted. How do two parents miss out on this information I ask you? I am not sure yet. They let me know at the party that her picture coincided with her nap time so she was pretty out of it when it was her turn. So all my running around and shelling out of money might be for a crap-tastic photo.

I did make it to the party and had to deal with death stares from my child because I wouldn't let her have a drink of my root beer float. She might have given me another deduction for that but I thought it was merit worthy.

One bright side to the day was I finished one of the 20 audits we have to get done. I am hoping to be done with fieldwork on the other train wreck of an audit next week, so that maybe I can take a few days to recuperate and get ready for the marathon of audits that are coming up. I have one review to get done, another audit to get started, and possibly another to schedule so we will see if those vacation days come to fruition.

We are heading off to Zoo town tomorrow to attend the company picnic on Friday. It will be our longest driving trip with an infant and B is confident it isn't going to go well. I remain optimistic, especially since we are now going the night before. It's his last weekend of softball and for the first time I have to say I am glad. I would like to say it will be nice to have him home during the week, but he starts school again and has a few night classes. That I can probably handle, but we will be readjusting our routines again and I might prop myself up on my matrydom pedastal of semi-single parenthood. I will probably end of feeling sorry for him though, since he will be working early in the morning until he goes to class until late. When he is going to get his homework done is anyone's guess.

I remember the days when I went to class in the morning, worked until 5-6 and then went to tax class until 9. It's a workout in many respects.


ksuJennyP said...

LM! You used all your bad luck-ness up today, so hopefully this means you'll be on to the good luck portion of your week for the drive!

And you better share these photos with us when you receive them :)