Friday, August 6, 2010

Car Seat "Mat"

I was going to write about being a judgey parent last night, but decided that was counter-productive and after a long week, just not worth it. I have to get an audit finished this weekend and we have a long honey-do list around here so there is no need to be negative.

Tonight, I was able to get a quick craft project in and I am so excited about how it turned out. Once the Kid wakes up and I have some good light I will post a picture of it. However, I bring to you my promise of the Car Seat "Mat"

I didn't take a picture of it installed in the car, but I got a shot of it with our spare seat.

Don't mind our wild haired woman, she was checking out her new toy. B laughed, but I have noticed he drops toys into the pockets for easy access when we are buckling her in. She hasn't spilled anything yet, but I am sure the towel on the backside will come in handy.

But a Happy Weekend to you.


Liz said...

i am a judgey parent. i always told myself i wouldn't be, but sometimes when you do so much research and you see someone who just does things that go totally against all of that research, it's hard not to judge! ie: i have a friend whose four year old is still using a paci! and i know that because i am judging that, audrey will be one of those kids who does it...boooo!!!!

anyway, what kind of carseat did you get? we're awaiting the arrival of ours...

lmoylan said...

Oh this judgey was totally bad. One set was letting their 18 month old drink Twisted Iced Tea. The other laughed about forgetting their kid at check-a-child at 10pm several times. I couldn't even pick my jaw up off the ground. Whoops, said I wouldn't talk about it, but jeeze I can't get off my mind.

That one is the cosco scenera. She is only in it for about 10 minutes a day, so she didn't get a pimped out ride.