Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some household TLC

Starting on Wednesday, B power washed our decks to get ready for some much needed staining. We talked about it last year and in making our "goal" list at the beginning of the summer it was up towards the top. Funnily enough, of the 3 things on our list they are all in semi-completion. The tree got cut part of the way down and it seems we are going to be getting rid of the wood soon. The windows are ordered and should be installed sometime in September. So finally, it seemed like it was the decks turn.

Saturday morning TK cooperated and took her morning nap at like 9. I say cooperated even though she got up at 6:11 after sleeping in all during the work week. But it worked because we both jumped in and started staining the back deck after I took the dogs to daycare. Neither of us have ever stained anything but our clothing, so we turned to the trusty interwebz to find out what to do. Ok, so really I did in my anal, accountant ways, but whatevs, it works. Me, being the semi-liberal that I am, slathered the deck in stain until about the last 1/4 of it. You can totally see when I became a conservative. So we have a little touching up to do, but for the most part we like it. The color wasn't quite what we pictured but it will have to work. Our new fire pit looks nice on it at least.
So we wouldn't have to climb out windows we decided to do the front on Sunday. The rain gods had other plans. Forecasts called for scattered showers all day but until 5:00 we hadn't seen a drop of rain and then the flood gates opened. Luckily, we decided to wait and I picked up the puppies before the storm hit.

Since we didn't get that project completed we worked in the kitchen most of the day organizing and cleaning. We also made some granola which is absolutely devine. I have made it before but tweaked the recipe a little and B added his own concoction to his half. I attempted a homemade Gatorade, but if I try it again I might have to tweak it too. It wasn't bad though, it tasted sort of like a Gatorade wannabe. I attempted hush puppies as well using a mix, but my frying skills need some work. We couldn't get our oil to a good temperature so only some of them were edible. But I think I will try it again the next time we get groceries.
Our little girl is getting so big I just can't believe it. She pretty much walked all over the place today. Not just steps, but laps around the living room. She is getting pretty good and if she could master standing up without an object, she would probably give up crawling. It is so funny and she is so proud of her new skill. We aren't sure but it is possible she is teething again. I was hoping for a break but B said if they all want to come in at once he will take it.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. Hope yours was as well.