Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Funny!

So I was at a firm meeting this week that was held in a hotel.  We were coming back from lunch when I heard the door from the hallway open and close.  NBD, right?  Well, then I watched and heard a little furry thing launch itself at the door. THUMP was an understatement!  There I am staring down a squirrel trying like crazy to escape the building.  What is one to do?  Find an audience apparently, because as soon as I said "OMG, there is a squirrel in here" heads started popping out of the room.  I slowly walked down the hall and watched as the little guy kept jumping up at the door and then worried he would turn on me.  He did not seem like the friendly, fat squirrel that Willa keeps in snacks at our house.  I was able to kind of launch myself at the door to get it open and send him scurrying on his way.

 In my own defense, I was mostly worried because I was wearing sandals and wanted to keep my toes.