Sunday, July 1, 2012

Whew...June flew by

It seems like we have had a lot going on in the month of June.  Not so much work related, just life stuff.  I went in for Allergy testing and part of me thinks it's not even blog worthy and part of me thinks it deserves its own post.  Mostly because I might be running out of my 9 lives if doctors don't start taking me seriously when I say "if there is a possible reaction, my body will have it."

We had our birthdays and the Parentals came to visit.  We also redid Willa's bathroom (which also probably deserves its own post).  My Mom and I volunteered for Bountiful Basket and B and I are both hooked, especially on the 9 grain bread.

We have already gone to a couple of Voyagers games and Willa continues to be in love with Orbit.

The Parentals "finally" went home. :)  I can say that and not be in trouble because the delay at the airport was ludicrous.

Relay for Life was this past Friday and all the teams really kicked it up.  Last year we raised $75,000 and this year's goal of $82,000 was smashed with $118,000 raised by Saturday morning.  This year the team was better prepared for the night and had a better system for walking.  For the most part, someone was walking at all times.  After finishing up at 7am, I got a few minutes to catch my breath and then headed back out to pick up another Bountiful Basket.  Then I finally got to get some sleep while B and Willa went fishing.

AND.........we bought a new CAR.  The Bumblebee is still around but I have finally upgraded to a 4-door vehicle.  Willa and I went into this purchase kicking and screaming but we are finally adjusting and we do like it.  I am still getting used to all the features but it is a nice car.

Those were the highlights of our activities.  I have always said that I would love the toddler stage of childhood because you can actually do things and I think I am on to something.  Despite the typical tantrums Willa does pretty good going places.  We sit at ballgames every week, can go shopping, sit at more ballgames, go fishing, and rock it at Relay for Life.  We have been pretty fortunate that she saves most of her outbursts for home.  Plus, if you bribe her with food she is pretty content to just hang out and people watch.  She comes by this trait honestly.

I think we are going to continue on this pace the rest of the summer and if so, its going to fly by.