Friday, July 13, 2012


This will probably be short since I am at work and should you know be working....


So I was doing a little organizing/cleaning last night and discovered I have a second crockpot.  I vaguely remember going to Walmart one night and buying one and also scoring a sheet set for Willa's room but have no idea why.  The question now is, do I keep said smaller crockpot?

Humanity surprises me and not always in a good way. I saw a answer tree for if you should stay facebook friends with someone.  It resulted in a facebook friend list purge last night.  Frankly, I probably need a break from facebook, I lurk/stalk way more than I should.  I have been trying to cut back and to really think about what I am posting and who all is seeing it.   Which begs the question of who to keep on the friends list.  I mostly struggle with the people that lived on our floor at KSU.  While it is nice to be able to see what is going on in their life from time to time some of them are not people I was really close with then, let alone now.  All nice girls mind you, but there are very rarely any communication on fb, so do I keep or get rid of?  Sadly, stalker me is keeping some of them for a while because they are pregnant and I want to see when the cuteness arrives.  I am ok admitting that.  I know I could change my settings and allow for them to see less but I kind of think if I am going to be "friends" with someone then I should be ok sharing with them.

Anyway, my randoms for the morning.


ksuJennyP said...

The cure to Facebook dependency: Twitter.