Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The DQ

In our house DQ doesn't just mean Dairy Queen but Drama Queen.  The little Chick has been turning on the charm lately and while we can't help but left we are worried of what is to come.  The most funny has been the "But I never get....." or the "It's not fair!"  Tonight at bedtime when I wanted to read something other than The Jungle Book I got the, "But...it's....my....fave...rite." all exasperated like.

Another funny was when I picked her up yesterday and she was waving goodbye to all the other kiddos.  "Bye friends, I am leaving."  Then we got in the car she told me, "Those are my friends, they are my girls!"

We have been working on days of the week and months lately.  She also knows her birthday is coming up and that she will be three.  She has been asking her when our birthdays are and is insistent that B's birthday can't also be in June because "That's Mom's."

B also got her to wear pants a few days in the last week.  Hopefully that means when the weather starts cooling off she won't be opposed to them.  Because nothing is cuter than little kid jeans and sweaters in the fall, right?


Anonymous said...

Mimi sure hopes she wears pants this winter since I am already shopping for her. She is pretty funny some of the things she says.