Sunday, July 8, 2012


Willa has typically been a kid that rotated through favorite toys and blankets.  We have mostly enjoyed that because I have heard horror stories of losing prized possessions and never wanted to go down that path.  The problem with this is you never know which favorite is the flavor of the week so you sometimes have to be prepared with multiple choices.  That was a slight issue when we went to Orlando.  Over time though some things have risen to the top.  There are two blankets she prefers, the "Heavy Hitter"; her Angel Dear Elephant toddler pillow, and "Babe" a 50 cent garage sale find that is rarely wearing clothes.

This is Babe:

Babe's rise to prominence was because her eyes open and close.  Because she rarely is dressed and gets dragged outside to play she has started to get dingy and one of hers eyes gets stuck occasionally.  We started to worry and I took to the Internet after consulting the tag on Babe's booty.  Vintage Uneeda dolls are quite collectible but this 2003 edition really wasn't anywhere.....until I found a lady that had one on iOffer.  She wanted $10 plus $7 for shipping.  I debated paying $17 for a Bonus Babe and just haven't been able to pull the trigger.  Thank goodness for my procrastination gene because I was perusing the FB yardsale page yesterday and some young teenage twins had 2.  2 for $4.  Eureka!  One hour later I was off to pick up the Bonus Babes and figure out how to get them in the truck without her seeing them. No need for her to know there were extras, right?  She knew they were dolls and asked to see them.  I handed her one of them and she says, "It's like my Babe."  Crap!  Then I handed her the diaper the girls threw in because theirs didn't have clothes either and she got excited.

When we got home I hid the Original Babe and one of the extras.  Then she realized there was pink highlighter on the one I handed her and wanted it cleaned, switcheroo again!  I haven't quite decided if we should give her the one that is not like the others, but for now we have an heir and a spare.

The Three Babes:


Sarah White said...

Well done you sneaky mom ;)

Anonymous said...

WEll one babe down 2 to go. Better keep an eye on more of them. Until she figures it out.