Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Ick

I have never seen a sickness hit so fast I don't think.  I dropped Willa off at daycare at 8:00 last Thursday and headed out to a clients.  I was getting all situated, greeting my boss that made an appearance that and at 8:30 got the call that she was ill.  Ill she was, all day.  Brandon came home so that I could go back to work, but he was also ill.

I went back to work on Friday and worked a little on Saturday to get ready for my trip on Monday.  Sunday night after dinner I learned you can feel fine before dinner and like you are going to die after dinner.  Luckily it seems the dieing part only lasts about 12 hours so I left town Monday morning.  We stayed in a really cool restored house of the clients, which any other time would be pretty awesome.  Except when you are sick and would like a little more privacy than shared living space with your co-workers.

Willa and Brandon seemed to bounce back pretty quickly, whereas I have had a lingering headache and have been pretty exhausted.  The JCCS kids at daycare did a fine job of keeping it amongst themselves, so I guess there is that.

B had guard drill today so that meant if I wanted to get anything done Willa had to go to work with me.  I figured if she could hang out until 11 I could get a few things done.  She lasted until 11:20 so I treated her to some McDonald's.  I think we are going to have to go back tomorrow, there is plenty I need to get done in the early half of this week.  Darn sickness slowed me down.

I hope everyone else is staying well, because it sucks!