Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Decluttering

So I am hoping if I keep talking about it I will stay motivated to getting our house to be a place we love and just the right amount of stuff.

A problem I am running into is what to do with the stuff I am ready to get rid of.  Some we could probably sale and wouldn't be helpful to a thrift store, but is it worth the time.  Some stuff I just keep moving around in boxes until I decide, but I think I would feel so much better if it was just gone.

I have even taken to decluttering my desktop, favorites, e-mail folders and blogs I follow.  I am hoping it will help me to stop procrastinating and getting things done.  If they are not easy access I probably won't go searching for them again.

Anybody else going through this?


Sarah White said...

I totally am. I got new dishes (fiestaware-yay!) for Christmas and my old dishes sat in boxes in our dining room ready to take to goodwill. Then a friend posted on FB that her daughter just found her own place and needed household items. No more boxes in the dining room :)

However, my basement is another story. We went through our storage room a couple weeks ago and went through boxes we hadn't seen since we lived in our old house. The stuff is now sorted, but most of it went back in the room (in organized boxes) because that's the easiest.

I grew up in a household where there was always a garage sale pile, but I remember very few actual sales taking place. Does your town have a garage sale day? If so I'd think about participating, but otherwise, unless you have some big items, it may not be worth your trouble.

Liz said...

I am not trying anything until our big move...but I should start packing! My current thought process is that I want to buy new, nice things so i can get rid of old things. Like towels! I am buying new matching sets of towels so that our old ones can just go away! And same with things like coffee mugs (bc i collect them ugh)