Sunday, March 11, 2012

Washing & Drying

I believe I have discussed my penchant for doing laundry.  Since it's the only thing I am good at, I try to do it well.  After we got married and were moving into base housing, B had a friend that was PCSing (or maybe divorcing, I am not sure), but we purchased his washer and dryer.  For the last 7 1/2 years they have worked like champs.  Probably 6 months ago it seemed like the drying was starting to die.  I have been babying it a little, but in the last few weeks more often than not I have had to "touch up" every load.  Annoying, no?

Brandon checked out some sale deals on Saturday while I was at the office.  Based on the texted photos, I thought he and Willa were going to come home with a John Deere.  I knew I didn't want front loads, but the non-agitator top loads seemed pretty cool.  Now, not only do we have smart phones we have smart appliances.  Both have sensors for how big the load is and how wet the clothes are.  They are pretty nifty and there is even a light in the dryer.  That means I don't have to turn the overhead light on in the laundry room.  Saving even more energy right?  The best part though was moving out the old.  Over $10 in change came out of the bottom of the dryer.  Willa was in heaven.  She was jumping for joy to feed her piggy.

It was beautiful out today so we took the opportunity to clean out the garage.  We trashed a ton of trash and have a little pile to donate (to go with the pile of stuff in the house).  We even took a little time to play some catch and play a little t-ball.  It is hard to believe the s-storms have been so mild this year and the weather is so nice in March.  B took Willa to feed the ducks and play at the park while I was working on Saturday and before we bought the washer/dryer we went to two more parks.  Now that she is such a little person and can climb and do things herself, I think we will be checking out several parks in town. 

The decluttering journey continues and I keep finding motivation in some neat blogs.  Is anybody else spring cleaning?


Anonymous said...

I wish I had your motivation to spring clean. But half of this stuff belongs to 3 kids. I am thinking I never got rid of anything in 26 years....I think its great though that your keeping things culd down..