Sunday, March 6, 2011

Words Galore

It seems like there was a new word a day around here. Some I didn’t know she knew but B did and some really were new. The one I taught her was REBOUND. We had to break that one out for the K-State game. They need to work on that as much as they do their free throws.

She really worked on her animal names and I am pleased to say Duck is definitely Duck. Piggy sounds like kitty but goat is pretty good. Please and thanks is still pretty hit or miss depending on how badly she wants something. She has decided she can replace book with please when she wants to be read to. Milk and more is getting more distinct too.

The in-laws got us a kitchen aid for Christmas and it truly is one of the greatest things to have in the kitchen. Its so nice to just throw the ingredients in and turn it on and then go about mixing up the rest and pouring it in all hands free. B asked for chocolate chip cookies and we have all ate a few to many this weekend.

I am off to a rough start reaching my billable budget this month. B had guard drill this weekend and my babysitter didn’t show up today for me to go into the office. I have decided I am not worried about my hours per se, I just want to get some of my audits out the door. It’s been a pretty strange tax season thus far, mostly laid back and easy going. We are about even with the number of returns we had done at this time last year.

Pretty boring week though, we are just getting used to B’s new schedule and trying to fit everything in and get it all done.


Anonymous said...

Now if you would just start saying Granny to her she might start saying that word before April.

ksuJennyP said...

I love the KSU Sports training :) You need to get a video camera out for all of this!